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Save your cloud cost in a click

Reduce your cloud cost

What if you could save 35% or more on your cloud cost? Botmetric’s smart analytics lets you identify & fix cloud cost leaks faster.


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Cloud Security Compliance

Enhance cloud security

Imagine if you could intelligently automate cloud security audits, fix vulnerabilities in few clicks and stay continuously compliant?


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Make DevOps faster

Make DevOps faster

Get your work done the smarter way! Automate your DevOps jobs and eliminate manual tasks with Botmetric’s CloudOps intelligence.


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Reduce cloud cost, enhance cloud security and make DevOps faster with Botmetric

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Why cloud engineers love Botmetric?

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Saved hundreds of dollars

Every morning I get my coffee and log onto the Botmetric dashboard to get a snapshot view of my numerous product environments. From there I fix identified issues way before my coffee is done.

Solutions Manager

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A complete dashboard for AWS

Botmetric is just one of those things that will have you screaming – ‘why has it taken this long, for this to exist?’ Its simplistic dashboard, helped me save hundreds of dollars in seconds.

Technology Director

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Cost Savings & Security

We can now identify certain optimizations through Botmetric, which may not have been possible for us. Also, security recommendations are helpful. Helps analyse spend and save cost.

Technology Officer

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