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Security & Compliance

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AWS cloud security audit

All that you need to know about the state of your cloud security, in a single snapshot. Botmetric audits your infrastructure, alerting you to the nature and number of risks. See the health score, know how compliant your operations are.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance


Track policies with the highest threats. The dashboard even indicates an increase or decrease in threat levels compared to previous audits. So you know when to monitor operations for a specific aspect of compliance.

Region-based break up

Get an integrated view of threats and strengths for different regions. Know the safe zones. Examine the high risk ones. The pictorial view makes assessment and analysis easy. While a list of instance-based risk shows the weak links in your operations.

Useful extras

  • Smart filters– see risks by severity (high, low or medium), or get an integrated view of them all.
  • Change indicators– spot new risks and take appropriate action.
  • Health graph– visualize your security and compliance performance across a period, for better decision making.

Scanning through AWS cloud security policies and checking your operations for conformance can be effort intensive. Allow Botmetric to take over.


Botmetric combs through your infrastructure and shows account health scores according to selected policies. A glance is all it takes to get a clear view of risks, recent vulnerabilities, as well as AWS security posture details.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance

Critical incidents

Get a ready reckoner of security violations, ranked by severity as high, medium, and low. Each violation is accompanied by details. Spend less time looking for data. Decide whether to remedy or ignore the alert.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance

AWS Security Posture

Assess Your AWS Security Posture Based On Data, Access, Infrastructure, And Network Security Policies.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance

Recent Vulnerabilities

Know Your Weaknesses. Botmetric Perceives And Recognizes Vulnerabilities Based On Recent Changes In Your AWS Environment. Real-Time Alerts Ensure No Threat Escapes Undetected.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance

Cyber Risks Are Growing By The Day; Your Operations, Changing By The Minute. Botmetric Keeps Your AWS Cloud Systems Efficient In This Environment, Automating Security And Disaster Recovery Audits, And Fixing Issues Quickly.


Get Your Cloud Security And Data Safety Highlights In A Single Dashboard, Without Sifting Through Piles Of Data.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance

AWS Security Audit

Automate Your AWS Security Audits. Botmetric Searches Your Infrastructure Frequently And Provides A Comprehensive Report Of The State Of Your Cloud, Based On More Than 100 AWS Security Best Practices. Use Built-In Policies For A Quick Start. Or Define Your Own Rules And Save The Parameters. Issues Highlighted Come With Recommendations. Implement Them With Click-To-Fix – A Single Tab For Effortless Issue Resolution. Staying Compliant With AWS Security Best Practices Is This Simple.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance

AWS Data Recovery Audit

Keep A Safe Watch On Your AWS Data Recovery, As Botmetric Ensures Your EBS Volumes And RDS Databases Have A Reliable Back-Up. Audit Alerts Point Out EBS Volumes That Do Not Have A Snapshot Or Lack The Latest Snapshot. RDS Instances Without Backup Too Are Highlighted. Taking Action Is Easy With Click-To-Fix. Just Click On The Tab And Watch Those Routine Yet Essential Jobs Get Completed Within Minutes.

AWS Cloud Security & Compliance


Gnored A Few Resources And Recommendations? Access Them Under Eliminate And Optimize Tabs. Restore Whenever You Want To; They Will Be Added Into The Final Result.

Fix History

Think Of It As The Audit Trail For All Fixes Initiated. Particularly Useful In A Multi-Team, Multi-Project Environment, Where Accountability And Transparency Are Non-Negotiable.

Useful Extras

  • Click-to-fix– discovered an issue to resolve? Follow the detailed steps listed on your AWS account console. Or get the same results with a single click using Botmetrics click-to-fix tab. Its faster, smarter, and doesnt require you to access your AWS console.

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AWS Cloud Security & Compliance