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No one tracks EC2 & RDS
spends like Botmetric

Cloud engineer’s trusted tool to track all EC2 and RDS spends at the most granular level to monitor cloud costs, gain visibility into your spend, and optimize your AWS cloud.

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Get detailed view of your AWS EC2 & RDS spend patterns spread over wide dimensions and get smart suggestions to save cost

Optimize EC2 spend with complete visibility into instance type usage

EC2 cost breakdown

With EC2 Cost Analysis module, you can quickly drill down and understand your total EC2 cost on AWS cloud split across different EC2 instance families. You can filter this further by various AWS accounts.

Get complete visibility on our EC2 instances with ability to slice and dice as per your need.

Power to drill down and understand your total EC2 costs by sub services or accounts

EC2 cost breakdown

With EC2 Cost Analysis module, you can get EC2 cost breakdown by various AWS accounts or sub services, namely EBS, EIP, ELB, Data Transfer, and NAT Gateway. You can easily see what is your mix of total spend across various EC2 related services. You can also filter this cost further for any AWS account or month so you can drill into specific details. We recommend you to drill down this analysis for a particular instance family

Get detailed insights and intelligent recommendations to shrink your EC2 costs; it’s that simple.

Analyze the Current RDS Spending with Split by Month, Day, or Hour in formats you love

ec2 cost breakdown

With Analyze module, you can get complete cost breakdown across duration, AZ, and more so you can categorize them based on your usage. You can also export spend report in CSV file or view it in either bar graph or pie chart formats. The analyze module further allows you to see the cost breakdown by instance types, AWS accounts, related services, specific EC2 resources, etc.

Everything that you need to maximize your ROI.

It’s Easy To Be Efficient, Put Power of Botmetric To Work

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More control in your hands

One place to govern your cloud and
manage multiple AWS accounts.


Proactive and preventive insights

Get full cloud spend visibility at
any time to resolve cost issues
before they become problems.


Customizable reports for business

Unified dashboards to take decisions,
get cloud reports with granularity


Configurable cost centres with policies

Define your cloud cost centres and
customize policies for cloud governance

Inside Cost Management & Cloud Governance



Get a summary of your cloud costs, spend patterns and savings potential.You can take quick decisions with summary dashboard.



Get detailed analysis into your AWS cloud costs based on accounts, cloud services,
custom tags, cloud regions.Now understand the cloud spend in every dimension.



Detailed cost saving and optimization recommendations for AWS cloud. You
can just click to realize savings with Botmetric’s powerful automation.


AWS RI planner

Get an easy way to forecast and manage your AWS Reserved Instances (RI).You can optimise the cloudROI with our intelligent recommendations within minutes



Define cost governance for your cloud with an effective chargeback mechanism. You can easily invoice your teams or customers for their cloud usage.

Don’t take our word for it

  • The first thing I do when I come to work is grab my morning coffee and log onto the Botmetric dashboard. On a single pane of glass I get a snapshot of the state of my numerous product environments. Drilling in a little further, I can now direct resources towards fixing identified issues. All this before my coffee is done. Hours saved.

    Gareth Roblin
    Gareth Roblin Solutions Manager, Samsung
  • Botmetric is just one of those things that will have you screaming – ‘why has it taken this long, for this to exist?!’ Its simplistic dashboard, guided me to saving hundreds of dollars in seconds and I found security concerns, I never would have sniffed without a thorough audit. The ROI for this tool cannot be overstated for anyone managing AWS resources.

    Spencer Weed
    Spencer Weed Technology Director, Coconuts Media
  • We have been able to identify certain optimization through Botmetric, which otherwise may not have been possible for us. Also, security recommendations are helpful. Helps analyse spend on various AWS services and save cost as well.

    Munjal Dhamecha
    Munjal Dhamecha Chief Technology Officer, RentoMojo

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