Cloud Security & Compliance Management for AWS

Botmetric provides continuous security and compliance assurance for your AWS cloud by identifying the key risks with over 200+ health checks across cloud network security, IAM access security, cloud data security, business disaster recovery and infrastructure security.

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Enhanced cloud security with real time vulnerability audits
and click-to-fix for risks

Enhanced cloud security with real time vulnerability audits
and click-to-fix for risks


Know your cloud compliance and security vulnerabilities in real time

Botmetric offers a real time scan for your cloud compliance to identify risks and security violations based on AWS well architected framework & industry security best practices. With our agentless technology, you can assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in real time to adopt a comprehensive security management for your cloud. You have ability to define the health check policies for the compliance audit to proactively analyze your cloud security operations.

With Botmetric, identify and resolve potential security issues before they turn into business challenges.

Go beyond cloud security health check with powerful click-to-fix automation


Why stop with identifying compliance risks and vulnerabilities when you can fix them in real time? Botmetric’s intelligent approach to cloud security management will help you resolve issues within seconds with a powerful click to fix solution. You have the ability to define and configure risk assessment policies to be in charge of your cloud security.

With Botmetric, fix your cloud security and compliance risks with just a click.


Keep your cloud secure and compliant 365 days

Botmetric delivers a continuous compliance and security assessment for your cloud to ensure security is never a done job without making you spend hours to understand potential vulnerabilities on a daily basis. You have a full compliance visibility into cloud network security, IAM access security, cloud data security, cloud infrastructure security and disaster recovery from a single dashboard. Get daily reports with your security compliance summary and alerts for critical issues as they are identified to mitigate risks.

With Botmetric, automate your cloud compliance and security risks assessment.

An Integrated Cloud Security and Compliance Solution


Click-to-fix remediation

A unique click-to-fix technology to resolve your cloud security and compliance issues in a click to save time and effort.


Preventive recommendations

Take a proactive approach to prevent potential risks with continuous cloud compliance and security assessment.


Configurable Compliance Policies

Create custom security compliance audit policies from a list of more than 100 health checks.


Segmented security visibility

Get compliance visibility by categories of security risks like network, data, infrastructure, IAM, DR etc.


Traceable history

Fully traceable audit trail with detailed record of all security issues fixed to help you keep track


Security operations knowledge

Built-in knowledge repository to provide insights, security risks, security best practices and fix the identified vulnerabilities

Inside Cloud Security & Compliance


Security dashboard

Get a unified security view across your cloud with visibility into potential risks


Compliance analytics

Get your cloud health score based on security assessment history and view compliance violations by network, data,access and DR categories.


Automate compliance and remediation

Automate your cloud compliance and remediate security issues with click-to-fix technology

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Don’t take our word for it

  • The first thing I do when I come to work is grab my morning coffee and log onto the Botmetric dashboard. On a single pane of glass I get a snapshot of the state of my numerous product environments. Drilling in a little further, I can now direct resources towards fixing identified issues. All this before my coffee is done. Hours saved.

    Gareth Roblin
    Gareth Roblin Solutions Manager, Samsung
  • Botmetric is just one of those things that will have you screaming – ‘why has it taken this long, for this to exist?!’ Its simplistic dashboard, guided me to saving hundreds of dollars in seconds and I found security concerns, I never would have sniffed without a thorough audit. The ROI for this tool cannot be overstated for anyone managing AWS resources.

    Spencer Weed
    Spencer Weed Technology Director, Coconuts Media
  • We have been able to identify certain optimization through Botmetric, which otherwise may not have been possible for us. Also, security recommendations are helpful. Helps analyse spend on various AWS services and save cost as well.

    Munjal Dhamecha
    Munjal Dhamecha Chief Technology Officer, RentoMojo

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