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Botmetric converts your Azure cost data into actionable insights that gives you a holistic picture of your complete Azure spend. With Botmetric you can view monthly usage charges, compare current Azure cost Vs. last month cost, review cost projections for next month or an year from a single pane. Get 360 degree visibility into your Azure spends and get smart insights to keep  your Azure cloud costs under control.

Azure Cloud Cost Management

View Total Azure Spending

View month-to-date cost trends displayed in clean graphical charts to keep a track of your monthly consumption of Azure services and respective costs. Discover those unknown spikes and dig deeper to understand and evaluate the key cost drivers and rogue elements that are causing the spikes.

Get Real-Time Insights for Top Subscriptions

Get easy, up-to-date, intelligent insights of cost incurred by top Azure Subscriptions under your Enterprise Account so that you have a solid handle on your usage.

Track Top Service Categories

Identify top regions in your Azure account that is driving most of your cloud costs. Quickly spot the regions that have unknown cost associated to it to make sure your Azure bill doesn’t spiral out of control.

Monitor Top Resource Groups

Get instant knowledge about the top resource groups and the current spends involved. Shuffle within the dynamic lists to realize which resource groups are the top performers.

Detailed Subscriptions View

Drill down in-detail to understand how much each of the Subscriptions is costing you. Identify those Subscriptions with unrealistic costs and apply multiple filters to further understand the root cause. Botmetric helps to visualize each Subscription in three different graphs, with a detailed breakup of the spending associated with it.

Azure Cloud Cost Management

Detailed Service Categories View

Realize which Azure services are costing you more, perform detailed analysis on understanding each of the service categories. Select the service that you want to drill down in order to view complete costs associated with it, and in turn get  actionable insights to rightsize those resources to further cut down the total costs.

Detail Regions View

Visualize the spending for each Azure cloud region and quickly identify uncertainties. Botmetric let’s you browse through different filters and switch between day, month or a custom date range to identify possible savings.

Detailed Resource Group View

Get a clear visibility for the costs associated with each of the Resource Groups configured under each Enterprise Account. Use smart filters to have a granular data visualization. Get complete understanding of the Resource Groups to optimize it for better performance.

Useful Extras:

  • Under Current Spending, there are eight filters like Custom dates, Region, Resource Group, Service Categories, etc. to help you understand the costs involved at a much granular level
  • Switch between different graphs for better understanding of cloud cost trends
  • Have bird’s eye view from each Enterprise Account to its corresponding Subscriptions, giving you holistic account snapshot

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Azure Cloud Cost Management