2017 – A Botmetric Roadmap to the Cloud

Botmetric Roadmap

Botmetric Roadmap

2017 has been one of the most eventful year for us at Botmetric. We stepped into the year with just one goal – Customer obsession! At Botmetric our core focus has been to help businesses of all sizes transform digitally by making the best use of cloud, and it is this very approach that has helped us cross some major milestones this past year.

We believe that it is important to listen to our customers and deliver the best. As a result of this philosophy, we have made some crucial changes and added a few features to our product. Here is a list of the top 17 features and changes that we have made for you based on your valuable inputs and feedback.

  1. Custom reports
    With custom reports we gave our customers the freedom to create any desired 3-dimensional report of their choice (for example: Account+Service+sub-service) under a  single view. These Custom Reports will prove to be an influential element in strategic decision-making and planning on the cloud. Currently, custom reports is enabled only for Botmetric’s Cost & Governance.
  2. Custom Audits
    Define your own custom checks to audit your infrastructure and enforce certain rules within your team. This key feature is available as a part of Botmetric’s Security and Compliance product. The new Custom Audits ensures further performance optimization of many resources in AWS.
  3. Custom Jobs
    Our inspiration to develop this capability is to empower our customers with the ability to automate mundane routine tasks, so that their valuable time is spent more towards meaningful business innovation.
  4. CloudTrail based security alerts
    Botmetric now enables you to integrate your AWS CloudTrail and filter out unnecessary alerts and receive only the important ones either on your Slack channels or via emails.
    In order to offer a standardized solution and help you to achieve total cloud compliance, we have integrated reports that run PCI-DSS, HIPAA and CIS compliance audits for cloud infrastructure. These reports empower you with the best cloud practices.
  6. Enterprise Budgeting
    Cost sprawl has always been a major concern for every enterprise. This feature was designed to empower the financial leaders in your organization to set the budget and track it with seamless workflows and processes. Enterprise budgeting is a powerful tool which will be helpful to higher echelon professionals such as CFOs, CTOs, IT-Directors to efficiently manage their cloud budgets.
  7. Alert Analytics, Incident Management
    Analytics helps an IT ops engineer/manager to have a quick look at the alerts by host or  metric over a period of time to take informed decisions. It also helps the ops team to keep a track of all alerts in real time without having to run complex analysis.
  8. Cost Center
    Cost Center can be a department or any business unit in the company whose performance is usually evaluated through the comparison of budgeted to actual costs. Define your customized Cost Center to create and monitor budget goals on top of that.
  9. RDS & S3 Cost Analyze
    After EC2, the most utilized AWS service are RDS and S3,  hence a deep dive on cost incurred by usage of RDS and S3 will help you quickly realize grey areas. Focused analyzer will help you get instant cost analytics for RDS and S3 (for example: spend per instance type on daily/hourly basis)
  10. Slack with Botmetric
    Never miss a Botmetric notification again, even when you are not logged in. Be more nimble at work and agile on cloud. Increase productivity and receive desired Botmetric alerts or notifications in real-time on your desired Slack channel.
  11. Share & Schedule Reports
    Share functionality enables you as a Botmetric user to share specific reports across the platform to custodians who are not Botmetric users in your organization, and wish to discover knowledge on certain AWS cloud items. You can now schedule and share reports in just one click at your own desired time.
  12. ElastiCache RI
    Botmetric has now extended its support for ElastiCache RI’s. Analyze, plan and realize savings that can be incurred from commiting RI for your Elasticache instances.
  13. 43 new security sub-audits, 32 Click-To-Fix sub-audits
    In order to strengthen cloud security compliance, we are continuously updating and adding new security best practices to match new security challenges in the cloud ecosystem. The additional Click-To-Fix empowers you to solve these security vulnerabilities with just one click saving tonnes of operational time.
  14. Dashboard revamped, new Support Portal added, and much more
    Change is the only constant. Based on your feedback, we launched a new and improved website along with an exclusive support portal. The revamped support portal is a plethora of various troubleshooting guides and knowledge articles designed to help you.Not only our site but the dashboard also got a fresh makeover with a new minimalistic design change.
  15. Azure Cost Governance support launched
    Track, analyze and discover your Azure spend in detail. Understand those grey areas where you are spending more and plug those cost leaks for efficient cloud management. Know optimization opportunities in your Azure cloud for increased savings.
  16. Say hello to Alexa
    Botmetric’s Alexa integrated skill makes it the first ever cloud management platform to use voice integration. You can use the power of your voice to get aggregated cloud saving, cost summary, and projected month and year spends.
  17. Public cloud report
    We were thrilled to analyze over $1 billion public cloud consumption of our customers to provide insightful information across a wide scope of cloud statistics such as popular cloud services, cost saving actions, cloud maturity index, spend patterns, management challenges, and multi cloud trends.

As we embark on an eventful journey on the clouds next year and step into a world of Machine Learning, a lot more features and changes are coming your way. So gear up your flying suit and get ready to soar into the sky of clouds. Our new year resolution for 2018 is to make your life on cloud more easier and better. And we plan to keep up with our promise!