5 Simple Tactics To Optimize AWS Cloud Costs In 2016

Year 2015 turned out to be a great year for the cloud industry as it matured massively with increased rate in cloud adoption and migration. Though cloud security and cost optimization is still a matter of concern, yet most of the AWS users could reach their business target by following the best practices to manage their cloud architecture and costs.

This year, AWS cloud cost management will be in the spotlight. So today, we will share 5 simple tactics with you which will help you to strategically optimize AWS cloud costs in 2016.

  1. Turn Off Instances When Not In use

Automate the start/stop of your EC2 instances on weekends. If you have dev or test environments you would even be better off stopping the instances during non-working hours even on weekdays. Turning them off will help you save immensely on your AWS cloud costs. Make use of resource ‘Tags’ and automate your routine cloud tasks.

  1. Use Auto Scaling

One of the best ways to maximize the benefits of your AWS Cloud is to add Auto-scaling wherever possible. It essentially helps you to reap in the elastic nature of cloud.

Auto-scaling has better fault tolerance and helps in better cost management. Auto-scaling automatically increases the number of Amazon EC2 instances during demand spikes to uphold performance and decrease capacity during a pause to reduce costs.

  1. Delete Old AMIs and Snapshots

This is one of the main source of cost wastage on AWS cloud. Snapshots and AMIs are created almost regularly but most of AWS users forget to clean up. Create only the snapshots you need. If you create periodic snapshots, do remember that the snapshots are incremental in nature and the volume of snapshots created will go high and taking a backup of the data will get hectic each time. Make sure to retain only the most recent snapshot in order to restore the volume and delete the older snapshots. This is a great cost optimization practice. You must also look at if there are any other resources which are unused or underusedand accordingly you must perform a periodic cleanup.

  1. Modifying Unused Reserved Instances

Reserving your instances for 1 or 3 years does not mean that there won’t be any modifications required. As your workload computing consumption vary throughout this year, you may have to modify certain unused reserved instances which may be costing you unnecessarily. Simply by modifying those instances for re-allocation, you can keep your costs under control. Botmetric’s Unused AWS Reserved Instance Analyzerguides you with smart and insightful recommendations to help you with unused RI modifications and save you a significant amount of time in manual analysis.

  1. Plan your Reserved Instances

Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances are a great way to save money on your Amazon EC2 bill, provided you have purchased the right RIs at the right time. Therefore, in order to optimize your cloud costs, it is vital to learn how to choose, purchase, and apply the right Reserved Instances for your AWS Cloud Infrastructure. Botmetric’s Reserved Instance Planner is one premium feature that gives you a detailed view of all your reserved instances for AWS accounts so that you can reserve the right instances and keep your cloud costs at scale. With Botmetric’s EC2/RDS RI Planner and Unused AWS Reserved Instance Analyzer , you can keep a track of your RI utilization. Our intelligent recommendations help in further optimizing your cloud expenditure.

So, this time when you are planning to optimize your cloud costs, keep these key points in mind.

Simply by automating start/stop of your instances and periodically deleting old snapshots will help you to lower your cloud spend. Planning and reserving the right instances will help you to save up to 75% over the On-demand rates. Even by modifying certain underused or unused RIs for re-allocation, you can keep your expenses in control.

Botmetric is here to help you. Our Advanced AWS Cost Explorer gives you a clear view of your spending patterns spread over wide dimensions like linked accounts, cloud services and RI purchases.

It provides you with correlative graphical reports, designed to make it easier for you to monitor, view and analyze your historical spend on AWS. So, try out our Cost Explorer and keep an eye on your cloud spend! We also have a dedicated cost audit and optimization section which scans your AWS infrastructure and provides a list of unused and underused resources.

You can schedule automation jobs for start/stop of EC2 instances . You can also schedule automation jobs to create snapshots and AMIs. Best thing is that you can provide the ‘snapshots to retain’ which helps you in not only automating the backups but also do that intelligently and not adding to the cost wastage.

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