7 Lessons to Make You Ready for any Cloud Outage

As cloud services reform the IT landscape, the frightening risk of a cloud outage persists to hold back the complete embrace of the cloud. Amazon Web Services has many times been pushed into the limelight after its cloud services have suffered outage which took down a handful of trendy sites. As the cloud carries on to raise queries about dependability and support, we scrutinize the 7 lessons which cloud outages teach us:

Interpret your cloud contributor’s SLA very vigilantly

It is very important to read and understand your cloud provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) as it helps you in understanding the technical and legal aspects of the service being offered. In case of failure of any service, you will have the clear idea about your cloud provider’s reach and you can avoid the disruptions.

Don’t always rely on your cloud provider’s capabilities

It is better to not always rely on your cloud provider’s services to make certain resilience beside failures. Don’t presume anything, avoid surprises, and make your home work to be self prepared for likely risks that call for quantification. There is need of redundancy to be built into the applications . This will help you in recognizing technical errors and specification which might slow down your system.

You need to make sure about internal and external communications in your organizations

In case of any cloud outage, the media wants an immediate reply and you can’t avoid it as if you do they will find their own people to talk. You have to make sure about appropriate internal communication among the public information officers (PIOs) and the technological teams. You should have a well tested communication plan to cover different scenarios of cloud outages and you need to practice executing your plans in regular exercises.

There are many ways you can enhance a cloud provider’s flexibility

It is very useful to evaluate the methods customers use to reduce their experiences to failures. This will help you in making your security and technology teams ready for problems against decisive infrastructural failures.

Constructing in additional resilience will increase your cost

The options you choose for the length of any cloud outage you are ready to support have outcomes for the expenses your customers or organization must be ready to incur. Usually smart users will keep several options to be backed up to despite the consequences of paying extra.

Thorough knowledge of the trade-offs help you frame what to inquire and ask

You have to ensure that the cloud service you depend on is not rendering you to a failure just because you took down manufacturing infrastructure to check your failover.

Being deficient of intelligibility may become your ‘Achilles heel’

Lack of useful information can create a big ruckus during any cloud outage. If you become more approaching with what you are experiencing, you would be able to re-establish your systems quicker.

These were a few aftermath lessons learnt from recent cloud outages. As the cloud adoption number rises, questions around reliability and support will pop in. The truth is outages happen. Cloud outages are a huge wake up call for companies running on cloud. A cloud outage can happen anywhere, be it the public cloud or the on-premise data centers. Companies need to revisit their cloud strategy and plan ahead of time to avoid such outages.

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