A High-Five Approach to Increase ROI of AWS Cloud

Achieving optimal ROI of AWS Cloud requires a lot of planning, strategizing and leveraging various AWS resources at the right time. Even though AWS adoption improves efficiency and productivity in the workplace, it also allows for scalability that ultimately leads to profitability.

In this blog post, we have collated top five key success pointers. These five pointers will help increase ROI of AWS Cloud, and help you get most of your AWS Cloud when used righteously.

  • Use AWS cloud resources wisely

Buy resources as per your business need. Even though AWS provides elasticity, flexibility and scalability, unused or underused resources sitting in the cloud will affect the ROI. If resources are used optimally, no spare capacity will be reassigned to another task. This ultimately converts to higher ROI.

When you use Botmetric smart AWS cloud management platform, you can not only use AWS resources wisely but also cater to other dimensions involved in AWS cloud from a single console, ultimately resulting in maximum ROI.

  •  Assuage vulnerabilities before it strikes your AWS cloud

Almost every technology today is vulnerable to various attacks — right from data loss to data theft. Security on AWS is doubtless. It is already built with various robust security features. However, due to its shared responsibility model in AWS, there are chances that you might have missed taking appropriate security settings from your end. In such cases, chances of ROI of AWS Cloud descending is very high.

But when you use the intelligent Botmetric cloud management platform, along with your AWS, you can manage vulnerabilities and security issues with much dexterity. Further, you can also cater to various dimensions involved in AWS cloud from a single console that ultimately projects to optimal ROI.

  • Comprehending OPEX involved in AWS cloud

AWS cloud does not involve CAPEX. It just involves OPEX. And this is one of the major reasons why many CFOs are moving from CAPEX to OPEX when it comes to IT.  Moreover, with AWS cloud you only pay for the capacity your IT needs at the moment and helps you scale your business as the requirements change. The ease and speed at which you can make multiple investments with AWS across the business, in such a short duration, is a major plus point.

Additionally, when you use the ingenious Botmetric cloud management platform, along with AWS, you can scrutinize OPEX involved in AWS cloud to the core using an easy-to-use UI, which ultimately helps maximum ROI.

On the flip side, if you do not understand the intricacies involved in OPEX of your AWS cloud, there is high likely that expenses might scale up. Thus, in depth knowledge in OPEX of AWS cloud goes a long way in gaining maximum ROI of AWS Cloud.

  • Keep a constant check on hidden costs attached to your EC2 instances

Depending on your AWS pricing model, each aspect of EC2 is charged differently. Generally, the EC2 usage accounts for 70% to 75 % of AWS cloud bill. However, with thousands of unique EC2-related line items showing up on your AWS bill, it can be a very daunting task to understand those hidden charges. Keeping a constant track on these hidden costs can help win optimal ROI.

Along with AWS, use the intelligent Botmetric cloud management platform to keep a constant check on hidden costs attached to your EC2 instances. Additionally, the platform can also cater to other concerns in the AWS cloud from a single console. This ultimately results in maximum ROI.

  • Deploy cloud-compatible applications on your AWS cloud

Deploying cloud-compatible applications on your AWS cloud provides additional agility, scalability, and reliability. These benefits in turn lead to increase in the productivity of the employees, decrease in the  customer churn and keep the business momentum going. And when you use Botmetric cloud management platform for your AWS cloud, you can put all this in the right place, at the right moment — ultimately to gain maximum ROI.

The Bottomline: The AWS Cloud and the Botmetric combo is a game changer

For close to decad, AWS cloud has earned a lot of accolades among the enterprises due to its four key features — elasticity, scalability, cost saving, reliability. IDC made it evident with one of its surveys  indicating that the five-year total cost of ownership (TCO) of developing, deploying, and managing critical applications in AWS cloud represents a 72 percent savings when compared to deploying the same resources on-premises or in hosted environments. The findings also revealed a 626% ROI over five years.

And when you use Botmetric cloud management platform, you reap more, you gain more and save more.  Do read our blog on How to Lower TCO And Drive More Value Of Web Apps On AWS. To get a detailed view on how Botmetric can increase AWS ROI in the quickest time possible, do read the blog  AWS Cloud Cost Optimization: Sooner The Better, For Quick ROI.

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