Amazon MQ – Managed Message Broker Service for ActiveMQ

Amazon launches Managed Message Broker service for Apache ActiveMQ at re:Invent. ActiveMQ is a fast popular open-source message broker that is packed with substantial features. It can be used for acquiring queues and topics, subscriptions (durable and nondurable), push and pull based messaging, as well as for filtering.The new feature will benefit customers who are already using commercially or open-sourced licensed message brokers. Setting up and ongoing maintenance of internal messaging infrastructure can be painful, for which Amazon MQ provides relief. The managed service fully takes control of the administration and maintenance of ActiveMQ. The new Amazon service has a high usage circumference, including broker provisioning, patching, failure Detection, message Durability and HA.

Benefits of Amazon MQ

  1. Operation offloading – With Amazon MQ, AWS manages administration and automatically provisions infrastructure for HA, saving you the trouble of doing it.
  2. Cost efficiency – You can pay for broker instance and storage usage as per your usage needs, thus saving you stacks of otherwise wasted dollars.
  3. Migration–  Standard APIs and protocols allow you to easily migrate from existing message brokers to MQ.

Amazon MQ Vs. SQS/SNS?

It is important to understand that SQS/SNS and Amazon MQ are not the same. While SQS/SNS is born from cloud applications, Amazon MQ is compatible with many open-sourced and commercially licensed message brokers.

Amazon MQ Limitations

  1. Limited Storage of 200GB
  2. Only the Apache KahanDB data store is supported. JDBC and LevelDB are not yet supported.
  3. API Limits of Bucket Size – 100 / Refill rate(/s) – 15

You can monitor Amazon MQ using Cloudwatch Metrics (Network/Cpu/Heap/TotalMessageCount). Migration to MQ can significantly help message brokers that rely on compatibility with APIs such as JMS, or protocols such as AMQP, MQTT, OpenWire, and STOMP. Supported Instances of MQ include mq.t2.micro and mq.m4.large.

You can use Amazon MQ in compatibility with the Available Regions of Northern Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Frankfurt, Ireland, and Sydney. Amazon MQ lets you get started in minutes with only three clicks. So get Amazon MQ today and start exploring today.

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