Analyze Your AWS Costs With Advanced Cost Explorer

The significant shift in enterprise cloud migration has increased over the years, despite the fact that migrating to cloud is not an easy task. What’s even more challenging is keeping costs under control while moving to cloud.

It is very much important for an AWS customer to keep track of its cloud spending. Customer usually want to know how much money he is investing in AWS cloud and would also like to find its spending trends and metrics based on availability zones, AWS services, linked account etc so that he can optimize his AWS cloud spend accordingly.

Keeping the customer’s concern in mind, Botmetric has launched an Advanced Cost Explorer – a clear view of your spending patterns spread over wide dimensions like linked accounts, cloud services and RI purchases. You can filter the data based on time range and can also view tag based cost analytics.


The new Advance Cost Explorer has following features.

Group By

You may want to know your AWS cloud spend based on Linked Accounts, Availability zones, Tags etc. With the new ‘Group By’ feature, you can easily solve this problem. We have provided different tabs in the cost explorer where you can group your AWS spend in the following ways:-

  1. Linked Account
  2. Cloud Services
  3. Availability Zone
  4. Tags
  5. Purchase Option
  6. API Operation


Wish to view data for a specific time range ? Want to see how much a linked account is spending on a service on a specific day? Now you can filter your data based on time in following three manners.

  • Hourly –

This time filter allows you to view your AWS cloud spend for last 48 hours every once in an hour. It means you can check your cloud spend trends on hourly basis, i.e on which hours of the day your AWS spend increases and when it sees a downfall. This feature can help you to make smart decisions for reserving instances. Soon we will be releasing custom date selection feature where you would be able to select a custom day for which you would be able to see your hourly spend.

  • Daily –

Under this feature, you can collect insights on your total daily spend. You can find daily cost details in following ways:-

  1. Last Day
  2. Last 7 Days
  3. Last 14 Days
  4. Present Month
  5. Last Month
  • Monthly –

You can view monthly AWS cloud spend broken down by linked account, for any particular month. Now you can easily compare your cloud costs in last 3 months or 6 months and make informative cost optimization decisions whether you wish to increase or decrease your total spend. With these pre-configured features, you can customize the time range you wish to view, view data on a monthly or daily grain basis and can therefore drill down your data on services, the linked accounts and the tags specified for further cloud cost optimization.

Export your custom search data as CSV

There is a much useful ‘Export CSV’ functionality as well. You can download a report in CSV/table format for all of your custom advanced searches. These reports are generally useful in scenarios when you want to ingest the data in one of your internal systems for further processing.

Advanced Cost Explorer is an important addition to Botmetric’s smart AWS cloud cost management. It provides you with correlative graphical reports, designed to make it easier for you to monitor, view and analyze your historical spend on AWS. The data behind these reports is updated multiple times daily, so that you can view the most up-to-date information about your AWS spending.

So, try out the new Cost Explorer and keep an eye on your cloud spend!

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