The August Roundup @ Botmetric

With the summer heat finally settling down and the onset of the monsoon showers, Botmetric experienced a wave of changes and new beginnings. The Botmetric site got a new home with a revamped design. We shared ways on how AIOps would bring joy to the world of cloud engineers.  Thus, seeding the philosophy of “letting machines resolve known, repetitive, and identifiable problems in cloud infrastructure management while humans could solve new complex problems?”  in a detailed article by Vijay Raypati, the CEO of Minjar.

Product News @ Botmetric:

At Botmetric, there is a constant endeavour to enhance competencies on its platform. Here are the updates:

Introducing Enterprise Budgeting – Every’ CFO’s success formula in cloud:

Enterprise Budgeting is crucial towards calculating granular cloud estimates for your organization. A very handy solution for financial leaders/ decision makers in your organization. With Enterprise Budgeting, large enterprises can allocate budgets for cloud and chiefly manage and monitor them more efficiently.

Save more in Elasticache RI with Botmetric

Reserved Instances (RI) have brought in significant opportunities in cost reducing strategies in the AWS ecosystem. Currently, Botmetric supports AWS RI for EC2 and RDS under Cost & Governance. A lot of Botmetric customers have been using Elasticache and wanted to seek better recommendations for reservations. As reservations are crucial in cost savings, we as Botmetric wanted to empower our customers with a reservation planner for Elasticache

Knowledge sharing @ Botmetric

Cultural changes you should imbibe to adopt cloud

With most of the enterprises adopting a hybrid cloud strategy inculcating new skills like project management, financial and business, technical, etc., they are essential for effective operations. Having these skills in-house makes the entire process more cost effective. You can change your business game quickly if you have your people managing software on your servers in your facilities.

It is also essential to be open to the idea of change. A business is bound to fail if it has a resistant IT culture. Thus, it is crucial to get everyone involved and get them familiarized with new technologies.

An Enterprise Guide to Perfect AWS Cloud Cost Allocation and Chargeback

A tremendous amount of detail and input goes into cost budgeting in large enterprises. Since cloud is quite scalable and often teams exceed their budget or don’t have a clear visibility over projected spend, which leads to budget mismanagement and overall havoc for IT Directors to re-evaluate budget and get the approval of the Finance department.

What is enterprise budgeting and who can benefit from it?

Botmetric’s new feature ‘Budgeting’ under Cost & Governance, will empower the financial leaders in organization to set the budget and track it with seamless workflows and processes. The enterprise budgeting tool is one of the most powerful tools to help senior level professionals such as CFOs, CTOs, IT-Directors, Head of Infrastructure & Engg and Senior IT Managers. 

Machine Learning’s Impact on Cloud Computing

People have been talking about machine learning for a few years now since it promises vast benefits that could impact every aspect of human life. Efforts are also being made to develop machine learning to a stage where there will be no human intervention necessary. When coupled with the power of cloud computing, machine learning could be even more beneficial. This amalgamation is termed ‘the intelligent cloud’.

The current usage of cloud involves computing, storage, and networking.

Cloud computing becomes much easier to handle, scale and protect with machine learning. Not just that, the wider the business initiatives get on the cloud, the more the cloud will need machine learning to be integrated, to make it more efficient.

To end it all, we at Botmetric are excited about all that has happened this month including the new makeover of the site and feature releases for budgeting. We look forward to some great insights at the Tech Day in September.