Automate & Fix AWS CloudOps Tasks And Issues 10x Faster With Botmetric

Year 2016 has started off with some great announcements from AWS, right from reduced pricing for instances to the new scheduled reserved instances feature. You can now better optimize your cloud costs. But how about automating those routine, repetitive AWS CloudOps tasks that could save you more time and money?

Botmetric, your cloud management platform, has enhanced its Cloud Fix and Cloud Automation features to help you better automate your AWS CloudOps workload. Botmetric has got a lot simpler, flexible, and intuitive!

We have made a few modifications to our user interface. Take a look at what has revamped in Botmetric:

Cloud Fix

One of the most popular features of Botmetric, Cloud Fix, has now shifted to a sub-section within Cloud Insights. Earlier, Cloud Fix was a part of Cloud Automation.


The user interface has also been spruced up. You will now be able to view the cloud insights and fix multiple AWS CloudOps problems of same type- all at once!

Cloud Automation

Botmetric Cloud Automation has undergone a complete user interface overhaul. The Create Jobs section under Cloud Automation is a lot more tabulated where you can smoothly create any specific cloud job.


We have added Manage Jobs sub-section under Cloud Automation. Now you can easily manage all the AWS CloudOps jobs created and modify them respectively if needed, at one place.

These are just a few tweaks that we’ve made. Let us know what you think about these improvements.

We always love to hear from you. You can always raise a feature request or let us know if something in Botmetric can be improved.

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There is a lot more in store for 2016. Until we come back with more news, stay connected with us on LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook to catch the entire buzz related to AWS and Botmetric.