AWS Ahead In IaaS Providers Race: Gartner Report Analysis

The international cloud infrastructure services segment is expanding fast. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the leading players in this business. Gartner has of late published a report led by distinguished cloud analyst, Lydia Leong. This report illustrates how the top positions of these two contributors go far ahead of the power of their trade name.

Let’s study the report and discover what the other players need to do to close the gap on the runaway market leaders.

What Made AWS Be Prominent?

  1. It is a very refined IaaS platform with an all-embracing range of features and services, that tend to meet the requirements of most of the customers.
  2. The service is apt for organizations having large number of users, where account supervision is significant.
  3. It is flawlessly tailored for large-scale data processing and fulfills most of the necessities for security and regulatory compliance.

Microsoft Azure still lags a little behind AWS on standard capabilities, but has nonetheless ranked second in the Gartner report. This platform is somewhat young, but is constantly evolving and enhancing services and functionality.

What Are Other Merchants Offering?

Many players are still present in the market, with their own set of discrete abilities to accommodate to explicit user requirements.

  1. IBM SoftLayer suggests strong bare-metal potentials. This is very useful for customers requiring a cleaner and quicker processing environment.
  2. Joyent presents exceptional features. Its container-oriented transportation appeals to the developers.
  3. Virtustream recommends putting a strong focus on running SAP applications in the cloud.

How Do Other Services Need to Improve?

AWS and Microsoft are now so far ahead, it’s difficult to single out particular areas where the competition needs to improve. The three most common individual areas of improvement are:

Scaling: Other users should focus on offering more flexible scalability so that users can perform their tasks from scratch.

User Management: It is highly important to offer excellent user account management to attract more enterprises especially those which require assimilation with their principle directory services.

Third-Party Services: Other services can tie up with technology partners to offer their solution through the AWS Marketplace that will allow users to install services with one click and be billed via AWS.

Cloud service providers can develop their offerings and speed up advance with a well-built ecosystem. Constructing such an ecosystem, however, is a little challenging and AWS and Microsoft Azure are old players already. But it will bring other players in the same league as of AWS and Azure.

You may choose to have a multi-cloud hybrid infrastructure or have your full public deployment on a single platform. But chances are in order to gain full intelligibility, answerability, and control, one of those platforms is bound to be Amazon Web Services.

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