AWS Cloud Cost Optimization: Sooner The Better, For Quick ROI

In today’s highly competitive enterprise market, quick ROI is one of the measures of success. And to get good ROI, many enterprises have dived into the cloud arena, especially the AWS cloud. AWS is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and preferred cloud services in the enterprise market. However, as an AWS user, have you ever felt that you are swimming against the tide, despite having access to AWS Cost and Usage Reports from the AWS Billing Console? Are you one of them trying to crack the mantra of AWS Cloud Cost Optimization to gain optimal ROI quickly?

If so, you need to deploy Botmetric, the intelligent cloud management suite, on your AWS cloud.

Here are the top five AWS cloud cost optimization mantras to gain maximum ROI in shortest span and how Botmetric can help crack them:

Quick scheduling of start/stop reserved instances when not in use

AWS recommends starting/stopping RIs during non-working hours to save cost. Manually operating on these instances will eat away a lot of time. To address it, Botmetric provides the quickest possible way to schedule start/stop of reserved instances through its easy-to-use UI. This feature not only gives you a greater flexibility working with the instances, but it also brings in agility to work around those instances, which otherwise would take hours of manual work.

Start Stop EC2 Reserved Instances - Botmetric RI Planner- AWS Cloud

Voila! Now you know the first mantra to crack AWS Cloud Cost Optimization for quick ROI.

Speedy auto scaling features on the AWS cloud

Auto scaling of EC2 instances is the underpinning functionality of elasticity in the AWS cloud. It makes the infrastructure robust enough to withstand damages and helps in better cost management. Manually operating auto scaling of EC2 instances is taxing.

Botmetric, with its smart features and easy UI, aids in the quick auto scaling of the number of EC2 instances when the demand is high. Ultimately, it helps improve performance and reduce costs in the fastest time possible.

Voila! Now you know the second mantra to crack AWS Cloud Cost Optimization for quick ROI.

Smart deletion of old AMIs and snapshots

Old AMIs and snapshots are a major source of unnecessary costs on AWS cloud. The AWS creates AMIs and snapshots on a regular basis. However, they these go unused over a period of time. Besides, most of AWS users forget to delete them post execution, eventually adding on to the significant chunk of AWS bill. Thus, AWS considers deleting old snapshots and AMIs as a great cost optimization practice.

To address this, Botmetric helps to create only the snapshots that are necessary. By doing so, the volume of snapshots created can be brought under control, bringing down the backup time to minimal.

Moreover, Botmetric with its smart capabilities periodically alerts to retain only the most recent snapshots and helps delete the older snapshots.

Voila! Now you know the third mantra to crack AWS Cloud Cost Optimization for quick ROI.

Swiftly modifying unused RIs

You can reserve instances for 1 to 3 years on AWS cloud, but it does not mean that there are no modifications required. Depending upon your workload computing consumptions, requirements may vary. Thus, AWS recommends modifying unused reserved instances. Moreover, this brings down unnecessary costs.

Botmetric, with its inbuilt Unused AWS Reserved Instance Analyzer, provides smart recommendations on how to modify those instances for re-allocation and quickly brings the cloud spend under control. Also, the analyzer can assist with unused RI modifications and help save an extreme amount of time involved in the manual analysis.

Botmetric Unused Reserved Instances Analyzer- AWS Cloud

Voila! Now you know the fourth mantra to crack AWS Cloud Cost Optimization for quick ROI.

Plan your RIs

Purchasing the apt amount of RIs, at the right time, is imperative for optimizing the cloud spend. Botmetric’s Reserved Instance Planner, one of the premium features, offers a comprehensive view of all your reserved instances for AWS accounts.

Reserving AWS Instances To Save Cloud - Botmetric Reserved Instance Planner

In addition, it allows users to reserve the right instances and keep the cloud costs under control even as you scale. It also keeps a track of RI utilization using other features, like Botmetric’s EC2/RDS RI Planner and Unused AWS Reserved Instance Analyzer.

Voila! Now you know the fifth and the most powerful mantra to crack AWS cloud cost optimization for quick ROI.

With the above five features, businesses can gain maximum ROI from their AWS Cloud in the shortest time possible.

Take a 14-day trial and get a complete overview of Botmetric’s capability. Available on AWS Marketplace as a SaaS product, it is currently helping many Fortune 500 companies to optimize their AWS for cost, security, and performance.

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