Make AWS Cloud Management a Breeze with New Botmetric Cloud Reporting Module

In an effort to help you quickly find your AWS cloud reports from one centralized module without scrolling, and to counter endless searching for what you need, we came up with a completely revamped AWS cloud reporting module in the ‘All-New’ Botmetric.

Over the years, we’ve become more and more aware of the fact that the key to optimizing the cloud infrastructure is to avoid common mistakes and implement the best practices using a right-sized cloud management console  that aggregates all the key data in one place. With the new Cloud Reporting feature, you can get an aggregated view of your AWS cloud health in a single pane, thus making AWS cloud management a breeze.   

Key benefits of Botmetric’s new AWS cloud reporting module include:

  • A centralized reporting module

We brought together all reports in one centralized module for Botmetric’s new suite of applications so that you can find everything you need in one place. You can now quickly filter the reports by application type (Cost & Governance, Security & Compliance or Ops & Automation) providing more clarity into your AWS’ spend, security, governance, and more. In essence, the new Cloud Reporting module will save time and reduce the manual search-overhead for you.

Centralized reporting module in 'all-new' Botmetric

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly split of reports

Under the new reporting module, you can quickly locate all daily, weekly, and monthly reports for Cost & Governance, Security & Compliance or Ops & Automation using the simple left side navigation filtering. You no longer need to scroll through all reports to find what you need.

View Split of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports in Botmetric AWS Cloud Management


  • Filter reports by AWS accounts or month for deep drill down of data:

The new Cloud Reporting module now includes a quick filtering support too so that you can find the reports for specific AWS accounts or a month. This will help you navigate to historic reports and switch between different AWS accounts from a single pane.

Filter Reports by AWS Accounts or Month with Botmetric AWS Cloud Management Platform

What can you expect in the near future in Botmetric Cloud Reporting module for AWS cloud?

  • Create your own reports: Many of our customers asked us to give them the ability to create custom reports. We are working on this request. To this end, we’ll be rolling-out a custom reporting designer in Q1 of 2017.
  • Share reports via email: We will be soon launching report sharing support so that you can send specific reports to different stakeholders in your company, in a snap.

You can access the new Cloud Reporting module in the top right-hand corner of the Botmetric Cloud Management Platform, next to Notifications bar. We would love to hear how useful this module has been for you and how we can make it better to suit your needs.

We’ve also rolled-out the new compliance audit policies and improved security assessment in Botmetric to further simplify and help you resolve the most critical audit vulnerabilities. Give a quick shout out to us about the ‘All-New’ Botmetric. If you have not tried it, then sign-up for 14-day test drive  to experience how easy AWS cloud management is with Botmetric.  

Do read the  expert blog post  by Botmetric Customer Success Manager, Richa Nath, to unearth several other new features available in the new release. Stay tuned with us on  Twitter,  Facebook, and   LinkedIn  for other interesting news from us!