AWS EC2 Cost Saving Tips: 5 Ways to Further Save

AWS EC2- An effective way to save on cloud!

When organizations decide to move from physical servers to the “cloud”, they face major changes which force them to change the way they think. Unlike a physical environment, where each and every individual host is taken care of, Cloud behaves entirely different. In physical environment, every host has its own static IP, and all of them are monitored individually. That means if one goes down, it can severely affect your operations, so you need to fix it as soon as possible. It might come to your mind that for migrating to “cloud”, you just have to move your infrastructure to AWS and you will start getting the benefits of the “cloud” right away. But wait, it is not that easy as it sounds.

For enterprises who have newly migrated to AWS, they might not worry a lot about costs. After all, $0.05 per hour for an AWS EC2 instance does not sound very expensive initially. But, if any enterprise has been using cloud since long, they may be observing that the expenses in cloud start to add up and can soon get out of control if they are not practising effective cost management. It needs attention and care to know about your costs and decide about a better cost management strategy. And the good news is that AWS offers several tools and approaches which organizations use to keep their costs in cloud under control with a minimum of effort, like Botmetric.

Here are some of the tips which can help you in minimizing AWS EC2 costs:

Go for the cheapest EC2 instance to fulfil your requirements

You need to be aware of what you are using. There is no need of wasting your money on expensive instances if you don’t need them. And, make good use of auto scale groups and the t2 instance family if the load on your app varies. You should also configure your auto scale group to grow a cluster of instances to meet your business demand. The t2 instance family, in particular, has bursting capacity to handle short spikes when needed without even requiring the auto scale group to be scaled up. Need help with choosing the right EC2 family for your business? Read this.

Opt for minimum load rather than using a larger instance type to handle load

If you are using a large instance type to handle load, you can minimize the load to bring down the cost. It will not only save your money but will also enable you to run your operations in cloud hassle free.

Make sure to turn off the EC2 instances and other resources when they are not in use

Sometimes, even when instances are not being used, they keep running adding to the costs of the organizations. For example, let’s consider you have a 40 hour work in a week and there are 128 other hours in the same week that aren’t work hours. Now, what is the need of leaving your instances, dev and test resources running all the time which can unnecessarily rake up your charges? You can save a lot of money by turning them off when they are not in use. Additionally, you can use tags or any other strategy to differentiate prod from non-prod systems, and switch off the non-prod systems when they are not required. Or, simply what you can do is, use automation to turn off the non-prod systems automatically when they are not in use. Botmetric cloud automation automates the start/stop of instances to help you keep your expenses in control.  It is always better to follow an approach for stopping instances marked with a dev/test tag when they are not needed.

Use AWS reservations to reduce costs for prod EC2 and RDS instances

You can easily save up to 75% in comparison to on-demand prices by simply reserving the instances that you use. It is a wise practice to reserve instances which require running all the time so that costs involved in running them can be brought down. Botmetric RI Planner gives you full insights on your resources and how you have been using it. Depending upon the business requirements, even instances for non-prod systems can be reserved if they are required to keep running for long. With Botmetric, you get an extended support to modify your unused reserved instances to save further.Try the EC2 spot instance market for non-prod systems and for batch processes

Try the EC2 spot instance market for non-prod systems and for batch processes

You can approach AWS EC2 spot instance market for non-prod systems and for batch processes. Spot instances are of great help and if have lost an instance, spot instances can serve as a boon and save you a lot of money. Any enterprise using cloud platform for their business should be ready to bear loss of regular instances without prior notice, so it isn’t a tough decision to use the availability concepts of spot instances. Spot instances also correspond to excess AWS EC2 capacity that AWS sells to the highest bidder. The user with highest bidding amount gets to use the requested instances. Once the user outbids, the instances are blocked and the resources get forwarded. Usually it happens that enterprises have to pay only a portion of the on-demand price, but they keep paying for full hours of use.

And for enterprises planning for cost tracking and cost minimising, there are many approaches they can follow. But it’s also true that there are some limitations to those approaches.

We hope these tips will be of use to organizations out there. Every time when organizations decide to purchase anything, they should shop around a bit first to make sure they are getting the best deal for what they need. This will save them from spending unnecessarily. Botmetric is pre-designed based on AWS Well-Architected Framework that ensures profitability with complete Cloud Cost and Spend Management solutions.

Botmetric Cost Analytics is a smart feature that helps you to track, visualize, forecast, and optimize your cloud costs in one single dashboard, and keep your spend in control by acting upon smart, predictive recommendations. It provides a granular view of your spend patterns, Reserved Instance Planning, expenditure on the resource usage, budgets alerts, tag-based cost break up, AWS EC2 changes alerts, and fine-tuned solution to stop any cost leakages in your cloud infrastructure.

Botmetric Cost Optimizer, Advanced Cost Explorer, Unused RI Analyzer, helps spot resource wastage and keeps all cloud expenses in control to avoid any cost spikes.

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