AWS Re:Invent 2015 – Quick Rundown

Vegas this year turned into a cloud domain with a plethora of announcements made by Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud service provider in the world.

From a developer crowd of over 19000+ attendees, 278 breakout sessions, string of announcements made at a breakneck pace, scrumptious food, free drinks, drones, fun video games, to crazy re:Play party with the AWS community, re:Invent Vegas this year was bigger, better, and bang-on!


Here’s a quick rundown on the 10 stunning new Amazon services revealed at AWS re:Invent-

Day-1 Keynote Session, hosted by AWS VP, Andy Jassy-

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon announced a new business intelligence and analytics data management platform, called AWS QuickSight which is an easy to deploy, highly scalable, and low in cost. Powered by AWS, this new tool will assist customers to get quick access to data within seconds!

Amazon Kinesis Firehose

Streaming data continuously to AWS is now made easy, with Amazon Kinesis Firehose- a tool for sending streaming data into the cloud seamlessly. It automatically load kinesis data into AWS backends (S3 and Redshift).

AWS Snowball

One of the biggest surprises from Amazon at the AWS reinvent developers conference was the launch of AWS Snowball- a new physical appliance that will allow AWS users to ship massive amounts of data (50TB) to AWS by shipping the device back and forth between their offices and the AWS data centers.



Amazon announced as new database engine available with Amazon RDS, called MariaDB- a fully-managed service with up to 6TB of storage, 30,000 IOPS, and support for high-availability deployments through the Amazon Relational Database Service. Amazon RDS for MariaDB is available in all commercial regions.

Amazon Inspector

Similar to the multi-tier security and issue-fixing recommendations that Botmetric offers, Amazon Inspector was the next exciting announcement by AWS. As the name suggest, this new service looks for and identifies potential security threats and compliance vulnerabilities.

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Day-2 Keynote Session, hosted by AWS CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels-


Cloud Giant, Amazon, launched its much-awaited AWS IoT , a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.


AWS Mobile Hub

The next big announcement was the AWS Mobile Hub, a new service for building, testing, deploying, and then monitoring iOS/ Android apps. The tool is available now in beta version. What’s striking is the fact that you only pay for the services that the ‘Mobile Hub’ uses, which includes AWS compute and storage services.

Amazon EC2 Container Service

You can now use the Amazon ECS CLI with Docker Compose to easily launch multi-container applications.

AWS Lambda

You can now develop your AWS Lambda function code using Python, maintain multiple versions of your function code, invoke your code on a regular schedule, and run your functions for up to five minutes.

Amazon EC2 X1

The next massive throw by AWS at the event was Amazon EC2 X1 Instances with a monster 2TB of memory, reported to launch in the first half of next year.

Amazon EC2 Nano

With burstable model of compute being popular among customers, AWS has added t2.nano to the fleet of t2 family instances.

With a bulk of these key announcements made at the event, Amazon has flabbergasted the rivals and has surely made its way into the world of IoT.

Needless to say, Botmetric’s first anniversary celebration at the re:Invent developer conference in Las Vegas turned out to be by far the best ever!

This is how we rolled-


Thank you for joining us at AWS re:Invent 2015. Until we meet again, stay in touch with us to catch up on all the latest buzz from Botmetric- your virtual cloud engineer.

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