New AWS Ohio Region is a Great News for AWS Virginia Customers

AWS is expanding on Cloud, year-on-year. To address the massive demand of having more scalable regions in the U.S., AWS recently launched the AWS Ohio Region with 3 new data centers in the Ohio.

This launch is a fantastic news for AWS customers who are already in the ‘US-East-1’ region.


Minjar & Botmetric CEO, Vijay Rayapati explains:

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]For early AWS customers, US East(Virginia) region is a default option to design, deploy, and manage their complex business applications. Many others have adopted US East(Virginia) as a preferred choice due to several reasons like low prices compared to other AWS regions, availability of more than three Availability Zones (AZs), and faster rollout of many new AWS services for consumption.[/mk_blockquote]

This week, AWS announced the launch of US East(Ohio) region as part of their cloud footprint expansion. We believe, it’s a great news for even existing customers in US East(Virginia) region as well due to the potential opportunities in building multi-region AWS applications and creating an effective cross region disaster recovery as well as for business continuity to support their growing needs. Here’re few pointers highlighting why the new AWS US East (Ohio) region is great for US East (Virginia) customers:

1. Lowest data transfer costs between AWS Virginia and Ohio

 The cost of moving data between US East(Virginia) and US East(Ohio) is same as data transfer cost between two AZs in a Virginia region. This essentially means now you can easily design, architect, and deploy business critical applications using two AWS regions (Virginia & Ohio) without worrying about the bandwidth costs. This is also a great news for many disaster recovery solution providers on top of AWS to improve the reliability of their backup data without charging extra or incurring additional expense to end customers.

2. AWS multi-region deployments without a network latency penalty

 One of the challenges in deploying any application using multiple AWS regions is network latency impact at the data layer. With latency being lowest between US East(Virginia) and US East(Ohio) compared to any other AWS regions, you can safely deploy critical applications requiring high availability using these two regions without worrying about network latency impact. This makes it easy to design and architect any business applications with availability requirements like 99.99% without breaking your head about the data layer consistency due to a latency, and end user experience due to routing of requests.

3. Cross region disaster recovery in AWS is an affordable reality 

 While most customer application deployment architectures do not need multiple AWS regions, having a ready-to-use disaster recovery and business continuity mechanism in another AWS region is a critical need for many enterprise customers. With US East(Ohio), you can now choose to run your RDS replicas or database slave machines or backup systems for your production workloads in US East(Virginia) without worrying about bandwidth costs & network latency penalty. This makes it easy to deploy cross region disaster recovery mechanisms for your business. If you want to perform cross region backups through an easy-to-use Web-based automation for your applications in AWS, then the cloud management platform, Botmetric, has your back.

We are excited about the possibilities in helping our existing and new customers in adopting US East(Ohio) for multi-region application deployments, lower cross region DR and business disaster recovery implementations.

Editorial Note: This article was contributed by Minjar & Botmetric CEO, Vijay Rayapati. You can read the original article, here: