A Beautiful Visualization of Your AWS Infrastructure

How great would it be if you could see all the resources within a VPC and their relationships? Haven’t you always desired to have a single pane view of all your resources on AWS and their relationships? We have launched AWS VPC Resource Relationship View, which can show you all the resources you have within all the VPCs in a specific region. It also visually shows the relationships between the resources. This can help you to perform Cloud Resource Administration of your AWS accounts. This feature is right now available for preview for select customers and very soon will be available for general use to all of our customers.

We know the elements that form your cloud infrastructure on AWS are growing continuously. For example, to launch a simple EC2 machine on AWS, you need to wire it with VPC, Route Table, Subnet, Security Group, EIP, EBS, ENI, etc.  Hence running a single EC2 instance involves multiple services. With having a flexibility of logical isolation on AWS, your cloud resources related to each of the microservice will reside in different VPCs or different subnets within a VPC. It is getting tougher to keep track of the relationships between various resources within a VPC. For example, how easily do you figure out that which instances are going to get affected by a change in a particular security group?  Having a visual way of figuring this out would really be helpful and welcomed by one and all.

Presenting Botmetric Cloud Resource Relationship View for AWS

To perform Resource Administration in a better way and to reduce the effort involved to minimal, Botmetric introduces AWS Resource Relationship View. Botmetric’s Resource Relationship View provides the relationship details of various cloud resources.


Example Use Cases

There would have been multiple times you would have wished for a visual view depicting the relationships and dependencies among your various AWS resources. There are many scenarios in which having a visual view would help. Couple of them are listed below.

  1. Identifying unused resources quickly with a glance.
  2. Direct relationship between two or more resources.
  3.  Identifying unused resources:

One of the ways to save cost on Cloud is to get rid of the unused resources in an intelligent way. With Botmetric’s AWS Resource Relationship View, you can easily and quickly identify the resources which are not utilized. Any resource that has no connection to others, resembles it is not utilized.

Direct relationship between two or more resources:

Using Resource Relationship View you can easily identify the direct relationship between various services. Example: the relationship between specific VPC to specific Subnet to specific Instance. You may also figure out all the instances attached to a specific Security Group.


Supported AWS Resources

Right now Botmetric’s Resource Relationship View for AWS has support for following resources:

  1. VPC
  2. Subnet
  3. EC2 Instance
  4. Security Group
  5. EC2 Volumes
  6. EIP
  7. Route Table
  8. Internet Gateway
  9. VPN Gateway
  10. Network Interface
  11. Network ACL
  12. Customer Gateway



Botmetric requires you to enable AWS Config for the regions you would want to use the Relationship View. AWS Config is one of the AWS detective services which we at Botmetric absolutely adore. Let’s quickly see what exactly AWS Config is and what it does.

AWS Config is a fully managed service that provides you with an AWS resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration change notifications to enable security and governance. It basically does two things. It takes a snapshot of the state of your AWS resources and how they are wired together, then tracks changes that take place between them. Anything added, deleted, or manipulated gets logged, with changes recorded in AWS CloudTrail. This AWS service is absolutely necessary for you if you are remotely concerned about compliance!

To enable AWS Resource Relationship View on Botmetric, please go through this step by step guide. If you do not yet see an option for this within your Botmetric app, please wait for few days. It is soon going to be available for all Botmetric users.

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