Introducing Botmetric 2.0 – A Unified & Intelligent Cloud Management Platform

Editor’s Note: This exclusive launch blog post is penned by Vijay Rayapati, CEO at Botmetric.

Today is a big day, and I have some great news from Botmetric HQ. The all-new ‘Botmetric Platform’ is  out now!

Since Sep 2016, Botmetric 2.0 was in private beta for some of our users, and today we are launching the public availability of our new platform. Based on the feedback and our learning, we decided to turn Botmetric into a platform of applications that are use case targeted, instead of providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ offering. To this end, Botmetric platform now has three products for unified cloud management:

    • Cost Management and GovernanceBuilt for CIO & Business heads
    • Cloud Security and Compliance:  Built for CISO & IT Security Engineers
    • Ops & Automation:  Built for CTO & DevOps Engineers

When we decided to work on the new Botmetric platform, the primary goal was to provide a great user experience, simplified and consistent design, with intelligent decisions & in-context customer engagement.

Our objective of taking the platform approach with applications was to reduce the information overload and help users find insights that matter to them in one-click. Above all, users get the information they want when they need without worrying about the rest of the modules.

When we already had a good product, why did we build the new Botmetric platform?

Because, we are on a mission to “simplify your cloud management by leveraging intelligence and automation”

To put this journey in perspective, we have been working with many public cloud users over the past 24 months to  understand their operational challenges in managing cloud; and how Botmetric could help simplify their daily lives. The feedback has been both overwhelming and heartening, like:

  • Botmetric is a good product and adds significant value for cloud management
  • Customers love the  super responsive customer support and design consistency offered by Botmetric
  • There are significant operational challenges that still remain unsolved for them, and Botmetric act as a control point to resolve these issues, etc.

Despite these feedback, as passionate cloud users, we did not stop here. We went ahead, spoke to many of our customers, and unearthed several facts. This sets the stage to answer a key question: Are we addressing the specific and evolving operational needs of our customers? Some of the key lessons we discerned are:

  1. Providing depth in specific areas such as Cost Management and Governance, Automation, Alerts Intelligence, Security and Compliance, instead of generic tools.
  2. Getting to a problem’s resolution, with one click that are further aided by  relevant insights.
  3. Providing great user experience and design across the platform.
  4. Offering deeper user engagement with bolstered, intelligent features and automated decisions.

This is why ‘the new Botmetric platform’ was born.

Five new things that will make you fall in love with the new Botmetric:

  1. Consistent UX across the platform and the apps: Our foremost goal while designing the new platform was to provide a great user experience and significantly improve the utility value for our customers. We have spent  a lot of time talking to many customers & trial users to capture their feedback. The new platform provides a thought through design consistency across interactions of various applications.
  2. Freedom to choose what is necessary with modularized applications: We have unbundled previous Botmetric offerings into three specific applications categorized as Cost & Governance,   Security & Compliance,   Ops & Automation.  This allows users to use what they need without worrying about other things. However, as a company, users can use everything offered by Botmetric to solve their overall operational problems from cost, security, and automation standpoint.
  3. Improved reporting and admin modules: We have completely revamped the reporting modules by Cost & GovernanceSecurity & ComplianceOps & Automation so users can easily discover the relevant reports as they need. The admin module is simplified for easier configuration management.
  4. Brand new features with intelligence: We are rolling out many new features that have been in the work for quite sometime as requested by our users. The Cost & Governance module provides data transfer analysis, chargeback & budgeting capabilities. We have rolled out various compliance policies in the Security & Compliance application to help users understand what they need to fix first.
  5. Highly responsive and modular design – The new platform uses responsive design and AngularJS framework for front end engineering. This makes it easier for our users to use it wherever they want. Our users can try the application across different screen resolutions and devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the old version be available?

The older version will be be available for existing users until 15th of Dec 2016.

Is there a price increase in my subscription?

No, all the existing users will pay as per their previous subscription plans.

Why should I move to new Botmetric?

The new platform is easier to use. It has consistent design, and also simplifies users’ lives with new features.

Will there be any training or webinars on the new Botmetric platform?

Yes. A webinar will be announced very soon that will give a walk through of the product. For further details about this webinar, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We are truly excited  about this launch and gratified that  our customers have played a part in this co-creation by participating  in  our private beta, shared feedback and appreciation. We truly appreciate that and also be assured, we are  going to be very focused on improving our new platform further over next few months. We would love to hear your feedback on the new platform and please write to us at  Do  explore the new  Botmetric today.