Botmetric Announces API Access for AWS & Azure Cloud Management

While cloud is revolutionizing the way we do business, organizations are waking up to the challenges posed by cloud management. Today many businesses use disparate and non-connected tools to manage the cloud. And when you add the legacy IT management tools into the equation it becomes murkier. The need of the hour is a cloud management platform that can enable various applications built by different vendors to seamlessly interact and give single pane of glass for customers to manage their IT and cloud infrastructure. At Botmetric, we believe in the philosophy of ‘Extensibility’, i.e. allowing the customers to build on top of Botmetric’s cloud management platform.

Botmetric has always been an API-centric cloud management platform with microservices architecture. With the APIs being released for public consumption, enterprises and customers can now access their data and apply these on specific use-cases. For example, customers can fetch astute cost details and run their custom business logic on top to gather specific insights in less time and they can also add these insights to their custom dashboards. With the API access, the freedom to innovate and build custom dashboards and custom reports is no more a dream.

Similarly, MSP partners can now use these APIs to aggregate data across their various customers on Botmetric. The seamless integrations make it easier for MSP partners to interact and engage with their customers. In a world of digital engagement, scaling up with simplicity and an open platform to engage, interact, deliver value just in time is key to every business. API access is an innovative way forward to gain momentum in delivering best in class customer service.

So, how can customers access and setup APIs on Botmetric platform?

Customers will need an API key if they want to use Botmetric platform APIs to access their Botmetric account data. The API key needs to be passed in the header of the API request.

An admin user can generate and manage user-specific Botmetric platform API keys to programmatically access Botmetric APIs. This can be done from the User Management section of the customers’ Botmetric admin panel.

Points to Note:

  • API keys will be user specific
  • All the actions permissible to the user will be allowed via the API key generated for that user
  • A maximum of only 2 API keys can exist for a given user, at any point of time
  • API key cannot be generated for the root account (Botmetric account owner). It can only be generated after creating at least one user

Giving customers the feasibility to access multiple interfaces allows them to use the product in a way that fulfills their business needs and demands. And this was the idea behind allowing access to Botmetric APIs.

Users can leverage Botmetric APIs to access, manipulate and customize the data feeds for their specific cloud management requirements. To keep it simple, users can now connect Botmetric to virtually any third-party business system or application.

To learn more about Botmetric API access click here or visit for complete Botmetric API documentation.