Botmetric Augments AWS Cost Allocation & Chargeback with New Undo & Reallocate

If you have to manage your AWS cloud budget like a champ, then your AWS cost allocation & chargeback must be perfect.  Thanks to Botmetric Cost & Governance’s Chargeback app, many AWS customers have been able to define, control, allocate, and understand their AWS cost allocation by different cost centers in their organization, while also having an ability to generate internal chargeback invoices.  

The same app is now bolstered with two new additions, namely Undo and Reallocate. These two new features further help AWS users like you manage complexities involved in treating chargebacks, especially when dealing with multiple linked accounts from a central payer account.

Why did Botmetric team build Undo and Reallocate in Chargeback?  

At Botmetric, we know how you’ve always thrived to have better tagging policies to eliminate wastage, allocate cost centers to respective teams, and allocate appropriate cost to responsible items. We also understand the fact that this cannot be achieved ALWAYS, due to those few unallocated resources (the culprit). Botmetric’s Cost & Governance resolves this problem through Chargeback. Using Chargeback,  you can allocate untagged AWS items from within the app.

Moreover, Chargeback enables you with great opportunities in strengthening cost tracking. Often, Botmetric customers allocate a lot of items. Sometimes up to 5000 items at one go. And in midst of allocating hundreds of these items it might so happen that some of the items get wrongly allocated. Human errors, you see. And, this gets its due attention only while verifying the allocated items. There comes the Oops moment!

We know it’s a facepalm moment!


Have you also faced the same? Wished you had a solution for it? Well, your wish is our command. To that end, team Botmetric has developed a mechanism that helps you to undo these incorrectly allocated items.

Botmetric solves this problem in two ways:


With Undo, you can un-allocate items that you have mistakenly allocated while performing cost allocation. Undo operation will then re-position the item back to its original untagged/unallocated state.

Undo Incorrect Resource Allocation

2. Reallocate

With Reallocate, you can correctly allocate the wrongly allocated item. Plus, you also get an additional capability to reallocate from one cost center to another.

Reallocate incorrect resource allocation

From the above screenshot, you can see that you have the freedom to choose which cost center you want to reallocate from the drop down and hit reallocate. By doing so, you can reallocate the item from an incorrect cost center to the desired one.

Well, there’s one exception to this option. That is: you can only undo or reallocate only those items that are allocated/actioned from Botmetric platform. You cannot modify items for changes done in AWS console. Don’t wait. Explore this feature on Botmetric today. If you have not signed-up with Botmetric Cost & Governance, then we have a 14-day trial for you. If you need any assistance, just give a shout out on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We’d be happy to help.