Botmetric Brings Slack Fun to Cloud Engineers

Slack (the real-time messaging app), today, is one of the robust communication platforms among various teams. Teams of all shapes and sizes —  right from NASA to NGOs — are using Slack today as a go-to tool for both communication as well as collaboration. Thanks to all of the fun and useful integrations Slack folks have built on top of it, there’s a whole lot of really cool stuff you can do with Slack. Above all, it helps engineers’ work fun and more collaborative.

Closely following our tenets to make a cloud engineer’s life more easier by the day, we’re excited to bring Botmetric and Slack integration. With this integration, cloud engineers can quickly get a sneak-peak into specific Botmetric alerts, as well as details of various cloud events, on their desired channel of Slack.

Be it an alert generated by Botmetric’s Cost & Governance, Security & Compliance, or Ops & Automation, a cloud engineer will never miss an alert or notification when on Slack.

We Get Notifications on Email Anyway, Is Botmetric-Slack Integration Really Necessary?

Understood that most of the alerts and notification management in IT infrastructure are delivered to you in form of emails. But with alert deluge, it becomes annoying. Email is of course one of the most crucial form of communication in corporate world. For communication with external stakeholders, it has proven success. However, for internal communication it is more time consuming. Plus, enterprise have various usage like file sharing, integration, private groups etc. even for internal usage.

As I said earlier: Slack makes engineers’ work fun and more collaborative. You as an engineer, have you ever wondered how many of email you swarm around each day. Chat is one channel that has proved to be more collaborative and productive. That’s why, it has been a more preferred tool amongst most team members. And Slack is one such collaborative tool that has a plethora of 3rd party integration capability making communication more collaborative, textual, transparent and efficient.

So, we recommend Botmetric and Slack integration for seamless alerts and notifications management for effective communication of AWS cloud issues over chat.

How to Make the Best Use of Botmetric-Slack Integration?

Botmetric generates several alerts day in day out on various cloud events. Since this happens continuously in the form of alerts or notifications throughout the day, monitoring these alerts on the most favoured channel will ease a cloud engineer’s life.

  • Receive desired Botmetric alerts or notifications in real-time onto your desired Slack channel
  • Never miss a Botmetric notification anymore, even while not logged into Botmetric
  • Be more nimble at work and agile on cloud. Increase productivity

Botmetric Brings Slack Fun to Cloud Engineers

Who Can Use Botmetric-Slack Integration?

Anyone who has subscribed to Botmetric and is on Slack and would like to receive specific Botmetric alerts or notifications in real-time on the Slack channel of their choice can use it.

What All Can You do With Botmetric-Slack Integration?

You can perform several integrations using this feature. Few of them are listed below:

1. You can create very specific integrations. For example, you may chose to receive Ops & Automation alerts on a channel that has only developers in it. Similarly, you can also create a separate integration for Cost & Governance where only senior management is present.

Botmetric and Slack Integration


2.  Integrations can be created per account and/or per notification event type.

 Botmetric-Slack Integration

3. You can pick and choose notification events for which you wish to receive notifications.

4. If you are using an application for ticketing (that listens to a slack channel and creates tickets) then this adds another dimension to it. For example, under Ops & Automation , whenever an incident is created, a message is pushed to a slack channel. This message can be used to create an automated ticket in your system.

This Botmetric-Slack integration feature can be found under the Admin section inside 3rd Party Integrations.

The Wrap-Up

Communication and collaboration are essential part of life. Enterprises who have proven success in teams have two things in common: collaboration and communication. In fact, efficacy of a business depends on communicating the right thing at the right time. Slack is doing just that. Helping businesses with apt communication and collaboration. With Slack and Botmetric integration, your cloud engineers will never miss an alert or notification from Botmetric.

Do try this feature and provide feedback. If you need any assistance in integrating Botmetric with Slack, just drop in a line in the comment section below or visit Botmetric support page. You can also give us a shout out either on  Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to know more about it.

If you’re yet to try Botmetric, then we invite you to take a 14-day trial