Introducing New Botmetric Cloud Automation Dashboard

As businesses are migrating from on-premise automation age to cloud automation age, managing workloads seamlessly has become more advanced and flexible. The journey to automated agility on cloud has become easy. And we’re happy about it!

To cater faster automation assistance to businesses running on AWS Cloud, our team is back with their next offering for our users. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Cloud Automation Dashboard.

This Dashboard will summarize in a single view:

  1. Number of jobs scheduled through Botmetric Cloud Automation
  2. The scheduled job execution status for each of your AWS accounts
  3. Tell you the backup status of the storage volumes and database instances in your cloud infrastructure

With the all-new Botmetric Cloud Automation Dashboard, you get a bigger picture of your automated cloud tasks. Additionally, here are a few features you should check out for.

Scheduled Jobs Widget

The Jobs Widget tells you the total number of scheduled cron/interval jobs you have created in the Create Jobs sub-section under the Cloud Automation module. You can visualize how many of those jobs are in an active/disabled status.


Botmetric Cloud Automation helps you save oodles of time, and now you have a way to see how much. This estimate is based on the time that you save by scheduling repeated jobs instead of executing each one of them from the AWS console.

The new dashboard also tells you the cost you saved by scheduling jobs. For example, by starting/stopping instances and RDS or by increasing/decreasing auto scaling, you get to see how much you have saved. This would help you build a performance optimal infra, designed for potential savings.

Job Execution Widget

The Job Executions Widget has a ticker that shows the number of jobs that were executed successfully and the ones that failed till date. This count is a cumulative one from the day you launched Cloud Automation.


A timeline graph shows you the number of successful jobs executed, alongside the jobs failed (per day). You can visualize this data in time spans of 7, 14 and 30 days.

Storage and Databases Widget
As a best practice to make your cloud infrastructure DR ready, we constantly request Botmetric users to take up a backup of the data, regularly.

Our new Storage and Database widgets help you track backup status of your storage volumes and database instances as per regions. You can visualize this information in time spans of 7, 14 and 30 days.

Botmetric Cloud Automation Dashboard-3

The Storage graph indicates what are the number of storage volumes you have and how many of them are backed up in past 7, 14, or 30 days. It quickly draws your attention to whether your cloud infrastructure is disaster ready or not, prompting you to take action.


Simultaneously, the Databases graph tells you the RDS instances in that region and whether they have been backed up for continued performance and agility of your system. AWS, by default, schedules RDS backup. But it takes backup of your data in every 24 hours.
If in case your cloud environment faces any unfortunate outage within these 24 hours till AWS takes the next backup of your data, you may compromise all of your critical workload data in one go! We certainly don’t feel this right.

Ideally, in a dev environment, backups should be taken every few hours, incrementally. Botmetric has a provision for this too. You can schedule backups of your RDS instances at the time intervals you think appropriate through our Cloud Automation feature.

Cron jobs can be scheduled as per custom timezone

We never let feedback go unattended! Few of our users had requested for a custom timezone support to schedule jobs as per their time zones.
This much awaited feature is now live.

Botmetric Cloud Automation Create Jobs Custom Timezones AWS Cloud

Now you can schedule cron jobs in Botmetric as per the local time zone along with the default UTC timezone asistance. This means that you can see your jobs being executed at times defined by you.

These features in Botmetric’s new Cloud Automation Dashboard are strategically designed to help customers inspect their cloud ops tasks and better automate for high performance and agile cloud environment.

So, go ahead! Take up a 14-day trial to explore our all-inclusive Cloud Automation Dashboard and start automating tasks 10x faster. We would love to hear your feedback on our new feature release. Do share your feedback at
While you start exploring the features, our team will be back soon with another great news for you!

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