Botmetric Cost & Governance for Advanced Budget Alerting

IT budgeting can start with a painful process but end in crafting a better strategy and road mapping. Post cloud adoption you grew and so did your cloud spend and keeping budget spend at par was always required, so that you have the money for resources that are need of the hour and required reservations. There are various mechanism to control budgets, and alerts are the easiest way to control your budgets.

Botmetric’s Cost & Governance has a crisp budget alerting where when amount exceeded on payer account will trigger alerts. A lot of customer requests for more filtered budget alerting for a much-focused cost management.

With new budget alerts, now Botmetric users can:

Set budget alert for linked accounts

Now you can configure budget alerts for linked accounts along daily, weekly and monthly filters. So from now, if any of the linked accounts are exceeding your set accepted budget figure, you will get notified instantly.

Set budget alert for cost center

A lot of businesses have an understanding of their silos in cloud infrastructure in the form of cost centers. They gauge spend and addition of resources in terms of cost centers. For them budget alerts for cost center will empower in setting set accepted budget figure, which when exceeded will be notified instantly

Set budget alert for custom group

Very powerful budgeting feature where you can create a group with different rules and filters to create a custom defined budget alerts.

Custom budget alert has rules for:

  •  Linked accounts
  •  AWS services
  •  Reserved Instances
  •  AWS Tags

Accompanied across filters for:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Example: Suppose you are looking for EC2 RI’s in a linked account for <tag:Production> if exceeds $10000 to send an alert, you can create a custom group for this alert and get updated whenever set budget exceeds.

Budget alerts are crucial to keep your cloud finance in place and keep you always informed.