The October Roundup @ Botmetric: Making AWS Cloud Management Simpler And Better

Amazon Web Services (AWS) never ceases to amaze us. The month of October was eventful for all the stakeholders dealing with AWS. Ask why? Just when the AWS users were wishing that they had more flexibility in AWS Cloud Management, AWS announced the launch of Convertible RIs and the new Region Benefit scope, and the launch of new AWS East (Ohio) region. Here’s the round-up of these three new features:

1. AWS unveils new Convertible RIs

What is it about: A new addition to EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) ecosystem to bring in more flexibility.

How will it help: If you have committed RI for specified instance type depending on current usage and have suffered for not being able to utilize, then the new Convertible RIs will cater to this need. Plus, it will also provide up to 45% savings over on-demand instances. Read Botmetric blog, Making Sense of the New AWS EC2 Convertible RIs, to know more. Alternatively, you can also read this blog on AWS Week-in-Review page.

2. EC2 RIs are now AZ-agnostic

What is it about: A new addition to the RI attributes, called the Region Benefit scope

How will it help: Earlier you had to reserve RI into multiple AZs within a region, however, unused RIs would be charged; and switching between AZ of same region were generally chargeable. With the new Region Benefit, you can now be independent of AZ. Read Botmetric blog, Demystifying the New AWS Regional Benefit Scope: Making EC2 RIs AZ-Agnostic, to know more. Then again, you can also find and read this blog on AWS Week-in-Review page.

3. AWS expands it cloud footprint with the launch of new US East (Ohio region)

What is it about: The launch of new US East (Ohio region)

How will it help: The new region features multiple services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Plus, it’s a great news for existing customers in US East (Virginia) region due to the potential opportunities it provides. Some of these include multi-region application deployments, lower cross region DR, business disaster recovery implementations, and more. Read Botmetric blog, Why the AWS US East (Ohio) Region is a Great News for US East (Virginia) Customers?, to know more. This blog is also available on AWS Week-in-Review page.

Knowledge Sharing @ Botmetric

As we said in the previous September month-in-review blog, we understand the fast-paced life, and believe in all things quick! Continuing our new tradition to provide quick bites and snippets on better AWS Cloud Management, here are few blogs that we covered in the month of October:

5 Must-Address AWS Disaster Recovery Management Challenges (For Beginners)

Even with an all-encompassing Disaster Recovery (DR) System integrated into AWS, businesses have to ensure that the software systems not only maintain data consistency across the systems but also look into other dynamics to it. Plus, they face several challenges day in day out. If you are new to AWS and want to know current challenges looming AWS DR management , then this blog is a must read. You can also find it on AWS Week-in-Review page.

5Ws to Rule the AWS EC2 World

Know anything and everything about the basics of AWS Elastic Compute Cloud, “ or dearly called AWS EC2.” This Botmetric blog covers the 5Ws — Why, When, Where, Which, and What, that will help you kickstart efficient usage of EC2. This blog is also available on AWS Week-in-Review page.

Debunking 7 Myths About AWS Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery

Many enterprises have embraced AWS. However, there are still few misconceptions looming among the enterprises when it comes to AWS cloud backup and disaster recovery. Bookmark this blog, as it covers some of the key myths around AWS cloud backup and disaster recovery that you need to be aware of and take corrective measures.

Role of AWS in Digital Transformation: Truly a Technology Enabler in Every Vertical

Innovation, growth, and transformation are the three key elements AWS has been offering to digital enterprises. As technology continues to grow and shift towards more digital disruption, AWS is believed to continue to provide the best access to data and infrastructure and will be central for all enterprises undergoing a digital transformation. Read this insightful blog on the role of AWS in digital transformation across verticals.

Top 5 Reasons why AWS for Fintech is a Perfect Match

AWS has impeccable capabilities, along with entire software development lifecycle support from development to deployment. Without a doubt, AWS is a perfect match for Fintech companies to stride through the path of digital transformation. If you are an IT decision maker or a DevOps professional in a Fintech company that is already on AWS, then you might explore this blog.

AWS for E-Commerce & Online Retailers: Sky’s the Limit. Agree?

When an e-commerce or online retail company adopts AWS, it not only gets a secure, globally available and highly scalable infrastructure to support the core product catalog and checkout service, it also gets a complete Amazon cloud infrastructure for deploying e-commerce business. On AWS, sky’s the limit. Bookmark this blog page, if you are an IT decision maker in e-commerce sector and contemplating cloud.

There are many more insightful blogs populated on AWS cloud management. Do read them here.

Plus, Botmetric brings more AWSomeness to AWS stakeholders with the launch of new Partner Program for Cloud MSPs, AWS Resellers. Read the press release, here.

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