Botmetric’s Step Up On AWS Cloud – Year In Review

Year 2015 marked an eventful and power-packed year for Botmetric. From tons of new functionalities and features that were launched, to simplifying the AWS cost management for the decision-makers, Botmetric shined throughout 2015!

Here’s a quick reminder of the major features that were released this year:

Cloud Insights Powered Up

As more and more businesses are embracing cloud today in a much rationalized manner, there is a growing need to scale the tools that they are using. Hence, we made numerous additions to Botmetric Cloud Insights to power up the way you manage you AWS cloud infra.

We added cloud insights widget to our dashboard which gives you cloud automation details. You can view your last 5 audits based on your preference with ‘Audit preference’ and Filters options. For better security, we limited IAM MFA Audit only for password enabled users. To further strengthen the cloud security, an extensive list of sub audits was added to Cost Audit, Performance Audit, Security Audit, and DR Audit that runs precise audit to keep your cloud infra optimized and upgraded. If you wish to exclude a particular item from future audits, you may exclude the same from the audit list (temporarily). The audits will send you alerts for audit items that have access permissions disabled. Our Cloud Insights can also audit S3 Access Configuration and S3 Bucket Permissions. Here is a checklist of all the features that Botmetric Cloud Insights provide.

Upgraded DevOps Automation for AWS Cloud

We have simplified cloud operations for our customers and have helped them save on their cloud expenses. To make cloud operations even simpler, we have added ‘Click-To-Fix’ feature to AWS Cloud Insights which will help you to fix your cloud audit violations in just a click! New DevOps automation jobs have been added to Botmetric Cloud Fix Module where you can create/delete EBS snapshots, or you may even create EBS snapshots based on instance ids. You can now disable your cloud automation jobs temporarily if required. Cloud Automation jobs can now be migrated to another user during deletion of a user. You may even provide custom cron expression for the cron jobs during creation/modification.

Enhanced AWS Cost Management

Botmetric’s AWS Cost Management got a lot better and personalized with custom dashboards, making it easy for users to view their spending trends on AWS Cloud with real analytics. With RI Planner, you can now easily re-allocate your underused reserved instances and explore potential cost saving points. The dashboard provides you with intelligent Cost Analytics on the gross spend estimate for the current month, to help you stay on track with your cloud spend. You can now get latest RI data on demand with just a click of a button. The cloud cost is updated multiple times in a day. So, you will always stay up-to-date with latest cost data.

Advanced Cost Explorer

Keeping costs under control as you move to cloud is a big challenge. Keeping this concern in mind, we recently launched Advanced Cost Explorer – feature that provides you with correlative graphical reports, designed to make it easier for you to monitor, view and analyze your historical spend on AWS. The data behind these reports is updated multiple times daily, so that you can view the most up-to-date information about your AWS spending. You can also export your custom search data in CSV/table format.

Unused Reserved Instance Modifications

Reserved instances help you to lower your total cost of ownership(TCO) in the cloud and is the most preferred choice of AWS users. However, most of the times users fail to keep a track of the unused reserved instances and eventually end up paying for it unnecessarily. AWS gives you the ability to modify your unused RIs for earlier active purchases and re-allocate your reserved instances to find potential savings.

Botmetric Unused AWS RI Analyzer detects existing unused/underused reservations to find the potential modifications so you can save money and quickly make a decision for re-allocation. So, start making smart modifications to your AWS Reserved Instances & save money.

RDS RI Planner

We recently unlocked RI planner for RDS under our RI Planner section that gives you an overall synopsis of reserved RDS instances for your AWS accounts. Our smart recommendations will suggest you with monthly potential savings suggestion for reserving your RDS instances. The RI data is latest and gets refreshed frequently.

Cloud Reports

A dedicated section has been added where you can extract concrete reports for your entire AWS Cloud spend. It has a widespread collection of all the reports for infrastructure and costs across all the AWS cloud accounts. You may export daily inventory summary reports, daily reports on how much EC2 reserved instances you are utilizing, weekly spend report by tags, or you may even export data for you daily cloud cost expenditure. The reports are available on daily/weekly/monthly basis and get generated on the 10th of every month.

These were some of the major updates we made this year. We are thrilled to have worked on these product modifications right on time when the AWS cloud industry grew profoundly this year. What motivated us more was the appreciation we received from our supporters during the annual cloud conference of AWS this year. Botmetric caught all the stardom and celebrated its first anniversary amidst the presence of AWS developers at the AWS re:Invent Summit in Las Vegas.

On that note, we would like to thank all our customers for helping us improve Botmetric, the intelligent cloud management suite you should have in your team. On request, we have extended our free trial version for 14 days now!

What are you waiting for? Start the New Year with our free 14 day trial.

There’s no looking back now! Stay tuned. We have much more coming up in 2016.