Cloud Integration Still A Challenge, Despite High Adoption Rates

The cloud has swiftly become a foundation in IT companies according to the recent studies and research which show that almost 93% of IT businesses are using Cloud in some form or another. The initial migration and cloud integration come as a smooth sailing for companies but after that enterprises frequently experience that the second wave of Cloud adoption is just as bumpy as the first.

Top challenges that businesses come across when they try to construct a harmonious hybrid Cloud system are:

Difficulty in Data Mapping

Organizations need to share and integrate critical information which makes them discover and map data that lies throughout the organization. It can be from out-of-the-way departmental SaaS apps to enterprise ERP management financials, supply chain, and other back-end operations. Data mapping is the most multifaceted, lengthy, and risk prone job in several integration developments predominantly for firms that require an incorporated integration approach.

Reliability towards Data Governance

It is highly important to take a unified approach towards data Governance to maintain the integrity of the data. A clear set of policies just about data governance is required so that integration of cloud resources can be made easy.

API Limitations

APIs are a set of tasks and measures which enable building of applications that can access the features or data of an operating system, function, or other services. But it’s better not to presume that all applications provide the necessary API tools for integration. Businesses require being extremely aware of the interfaces that Cloud offers. For instance, API tools in many functional apps do not offer full integration i.e. they don’t depict the full data model, but have restricted operations.

Security Concerns

It’s very obvious that increased access points and data integration corresponds to security exposure, and security concerns cannot be avoided. The elementary platform of every application must have well-built security layer entrenched right through the stack. Additionally, the integration services and tools must maintain security policies put into practice by many applications.

Search for Skilled Professionals

Finding professionals with the skills to put into operation is a challenge. Many integration tools are also a big challenge. This can be handled by choosing the Cloud integration services that cut down on the manpower using ready-built connectors for various applications.

Though integration challenges hang about, it’s clear that the Cloud Technology is here to stay. Businesses that ride out the current hurricane and uncover the right equilibrium of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions will get an exclusive pro over the participants.

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