Cloud Security – More Important Than Ever

Cloud Security is paramount today, despite tremendous growth in cloud adoption. Researchers have made the prediction that by 2020, most of the server workload will become virtual. The total size of the cloud business will be very huge. But with growth comes responsibilities, as well as threats. The cloud is not untouched from this. In past few years, data breach and criminal attacks in the cloud have increased.

The threats are surely big concerns. But they are not stopping many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of cloud-based applications. These companies are using cloud for everything including sales tracking to HR, and with good reason. This enables them to not only run their applications efficiently but also save a lot of money. There are a number of cloud service providers in the market and AWS is the leader among them followed by Microsoft Azure. There are other players like IBM Cloud, Google, Rackspace and many more.

Usually all cloud-based services need a network connection to operate. So, if the connection to the router breaks, or gets disrupted, there is no success to the service. Already there is so much riding on cloud services. With time, cloud is supposed to be able to handle more. Thus, enterprises need to take serious steps to ensure that their security measures remain undisturbed and hack-proof. With all the current well-publicized hacking and malware attacks, and not to forget various meteorological events that have badly affected organizations worldwide, organizations are very aware of the requirement of the strong cloud security and compliance.

Over and over again, enterprises using public cloud take for granted that their cloud provider is responsible for the security. Most of the cloud providers promise endpoint cloud security. This generally makes customer casual and less interested in viewing security of the public cloud infrastructure they use. Ultimately, they become somewhat carefree towards risk as they don’t know the way to monitor the cloud security. But as is the case with every business, ignorance is not bliss. Monitoring and managing cloud security is a very important task which should continue. Organizations should work with a provider that is competent and enthusiastic to provide them with security information, alerts, and notifications way ahead.

This is becoming more important than ever to take effective cloud security measure for the organizations as they have started to use the public cloud for more critical applications. They are relying on cloud for their major functions. They have to make sure that they deploy the same security features in the public cloud that are typically installed for on-premise applications in the cloud.

One of the big challenges of public cloud security is downtime. It seriously affects the overall performance. Another concerns regarding cloud security is security shortcomings. This makes it difficult for enterprises to meet industry compliance regulations. This situation is mainly faced by organizations doing businesses in the finance, healthcare, and retail industries. The security concerns also include fear of the potential loss of data, mainly susceptible data which may lead to severe monetary and reputation expenses for enterprises.

The best way to mitigate impending security concerns is to implement highly advanced security features into your cloud infrastructure. This should also include disaster recovery services, encryption, exposure scanning, anti-virus, and malware and intrusion detection. If you implement effective security measures, you can secure your cloud infrastructure and save yourself from the troubles of data breach and malicious attacks.

To summarize, we can say that cloud is continuously emerging as a strong player in the market. Companies need to just figure out the right provider. They need to implement effective security measures and they can be certain that their business will grow at a fast pace. In fact, by now many of the users have realized that they need to invest in more advanced security technologies for their public cloud.

Organizations also need to think beyond just implementing security technology. They have to understand that only monitoring and managing the cloud security is not sufficient enough. They should also offer security reporting and recommendations to users. The end customer should also get the mutual benefits of regular audit checks and solutions to fix the vulnerabilities, from the service provider. This is the type of information and security partnership that customers prefer to make sure that their data is in safe hands.

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