Continuous Security: A Necessity on Cloud

Security has been one of the major concerns for cloud practitioners, for long. With the freedom, agility and elasticity provided by a cloud infrastructure, security audits can’t be just a quarterly, monthly or even weekly activity! More so, security can’t be a point in time thing anymore. There has to be a continuous automated approach to cloud security. For the reason that infrastructure changes in cloud happen fast and are performed by many. Here’re few deliberations why continuous security is a necessity on the cloud:

Multiple Teams Using Cloud Need Centralized Security

In most companies, cloud is used by multiple teams across different business units for various workloads and applications. For example, they might be using a common cloud account in AWS or different AWS accounts. As a business, they would need a centralized security that can govern the required compliance and security best practices across, in real time, without adding additional overhead to existing processes. By doing so, this will help companies achieve a common security and compliance for their business without dealing with the point in time cloud security for each team or unit.

Dynamic Provisioning Mandates Continuous Cloud Security

Most of the companies have automated their cloud infrastructure provisioning using scripted automation or Configuration Management tools like Chef and Puppet. These automations are implemented by different engineers in different teams across different units. It’s important to have a continuous cloud security scanner that can discover the new cloud infrastructure to validate the security best practices and uncover any vulnerabilities.

Too Many Services and Configuration Changes Require Continuous Monitoring

On major public cloud like AWS, there are more than 60 services. At any given point in time, there can be configuration changes within multiple cloud services across multiple geographical locations. These changes can be initiated by a human or even through code (APIs)!

How to Achieve Continuous Security

Automate it! Here’s why: It is very difficult to manually ensure that all security best practices are being followed all the time across multiple cloud services and multiple teams. But with the standardization of infrastructure brought in by the cloud, in conjunction with programmatic control, enables automation of security best practices checks on a continuous basis.

The threat surface area in cloud is pretty humongous. With the dynamic nature of the cloud, it is a necessity to have a dynamic and continuous way to keep your infrastructure secure. Hence, cloud security is more important than ever.

And with products like Botmetric Security & Compliance, it is pretty easy to automate security best practices checks for your cloud infrastructure. Plus, knowing your cloud compliance and security vulnerabilities in real-time is the best way forward to bulletproof your cloud infra as well as for business continuity. It is possible to quickly assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in real-time and adopt a comprehensive security management for your cloud with the new Botmetric Security & Compliance. Take a 14 day free trial now.

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