Building a Delightful Customer Engagement at Botmetric With Intercom

For any business in the modern world, providing a good customer engagement and delightful experience plays a huge role in acquiring & retaining them on a long term basis. At Botmetric, one of our core value is being customer obsessed and providing them with intelligent insights to solve their cloud management problems.

Our major differentiator for Botmetric is our fanatic customer support to help our users as and when they need assistance from our website to product platform. This requires us to approach the customer engagement and support in a systematic manner to ensure we provide a consistent experience for our users. This is where Intercom becomes our core engine for customer communication and engagement.

Following are our core customer engagement workflows powered by Intercom:

New User On-boarding: Every new user signup on Botmetric is synced with Intercom using user attributes. This allows us to define an on-boarding process for our trial users by providing them with contextual help using in-app messaging as they browse through our product. We also heavily use Intercom email communication to deliver important messaging to our trial users as they progress from day-1 to day-14 on our platform.

Customer Insights & Engagement: Our central system for understanding the product usage metrics (who they are, what they are doing, and who is inactive/active) for any user across our platform is powered by Intercom events tracking. It provides useful insights on their engagement with various features based on events. The product usage metrics and events are used to trigger a relevant communication to users via in-app messaging & emails. We also define specific communication for inactive users & semi active users, to encourage them to explore our product.

Product Communication: We release many updates to our product, including new the features. This requires a contextual messaging to communicate with existing customers while they are using our product. We rely solely on Intercom in-app messaging to provide product feature updates along with screenshots or how-to-use tips via GIF.

Customer Chat & Product Support: Our primary channel for engaging with visitors on our website is via Intercom acquire module. It provides with real-time chat while helping us track visitors behavior across different pages like product, pricing, signup process, etc. We also leverage in-app conversations for providing assistance. A shared inbox helps in assigning customer support requests to the appropriate team member and quickly converse internally among the team to resolve issues.

Assessing Message Effectiveness: Intercom helps us assess the effectiveness of the messages and email campaigns by assigning them a goal. This is much more meaningful than a mere email open rate. The A/B testing of every element of the email is easy with Intercom.

If you are a SaaS company, then we highly recommend you to try Intercom for your customer engagement and product communication. If you are already using Intercom, then share your thoughts and experiences with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Editor’s Note: This blog post, ‘Building a Delightful Customer Engagement at Botmetric with Intercom’ is authored by Vijay Rayapati, CEO at Botmetric LLC.