Introducing Data Transfer Analysis for AWS Cost Management in ‘All New’ Botmetric

Editor’s Note: This exclusive launch blog post is authored by Vijay Rayapati, CEO at Botmetric.

We are thrilled to release Data Transfer Analysis feature in our “All-New” Botmetric — for AWS Cost Management. This feature, one of the most requested by our customers, provides insights into your bandwidth costs on AWS cloud.

Many of our customers use variety of AWS services like EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, CloudFront, ElasticCache, etc. in their production environments. So, they wanted to understand their data transfer costs splits by inter region bandwidth, out of AWS bandwidth and bandwidth costs between different AWS regions, etc. To this end, we decided to include “Data Transfer Analysis” as part of Analyze module under Botmetric Cost Management & Governance application.

Here’s how the new Data Transfer Analytics feature will help you break down your bandwidth costs into a variety of fine grained insights:

1.Know the total bandwidth cost in AWS:  You can understand the overall bandwidth costs across your account or split it by regions using filters. You can also use accounts filter to see total bandwidth costs for each of the AWS costs under your master payer account.


2.Know the data transfer cost by services: You can view the data transfer costs by different AWS services. This will help you understand the bandwidth cost split across different AWS services.

Know the data transfer cost by services

3.Know the bandwidth cost by transfer type : You can drill down cost by different data transfer types like Intra Region (within AWS region between multiple availability zones), Inter Region (between different AWS regions), and Public Outbound (out of AWS into internet). You can also split this cost for specific account or specific service like RDS using the filters.

Know the bandwidth cost by transfer type

4.Know the data transfer cost by resources: You can understand the bandwidth costs by specific AWS resources, so that you can identify who is causing your highest bandwidth costs from servers or ELB or RDS, etc.


We hope this feature will further simplify and help better understand your cloud spend by different dimensions on the bandwidth cost. Please write to us with your feedback on what we can do better and where we can improve it. If you are not using Botmetric already, then signup today for 14-day free trial.

Do read the  expert blog post  by Botmetric Customer Success Manager, Richa Nath, to unearth several other new features available in the new release. Stay tuned with us on  Twitter,  Facebook, and  LinkedIn  for other interesting news from us!