DevOps Culture is Impetus to Cloud Security

Embracing DevOps culture and implementing Automation offers very helpful prospects to improve functional excellence and time-to-market. In addition to these, expenses are abridged in several dimensions like employees costs, assets costs, value costs, intricacy costs, and, most imperative in the eyes of many industry leaders, the time costs.

DevOps has now emerged as a key part of enterprise IT planning. The simple pragmatic way of managing security in an atmosphere that is developing so fast and changing so swiftly is to make it automation first. Botmetric offers facility to schedule Cloud Automation jobs for all the use cases. With our AWS DevOps Automation, you can easily manage your everyday cloud tasks with just a click. Not only this, but you can alleviate impending security concerns while preserving high velocity and quick time-to-market on the side of your business.

You might be following the necessary security best practices. Still, given that a huge volume of resources are tailored and instigated in your AWS cloud infrastructure every day, there is a probability that you would have failed to notice some imperative security best practices. Now, there is no need to manually check that your security best practices are being followed or not. Botmetric’s wide-ranging AWS cloud infrastructure security audit features have them automatically scanned on a daily basis and generate violations list. This will help you in implementing new required security methods along with tweaking your active security plan. It makes sure that your AWS Cloud infrastructure runs efficiently and is completely sheltered from any severe security threats and data violations.

Here’re few measure you can take to deal with issues of cloud privacy:

  • Avoid storing sensitive information in the cloud
  • Try keeping your critical information away from virtual world or use appropriate solutions.
  • Read the user agreement carefully to understand how your preferable cloud service storage works
  • There is no doubt it is going to be boring but you really need to read it carefully to decide which cloud storage to choose
  • Be serious about passwords
  • Never forget your password or use the same password for two emails as it can serve as a real trap sometime


Encryption is, up to now, the best way to protect your data in cloud

Security is a meadow where there are a lot of conclusions and choices that industries need to make and they might need to change their strategies in real-time. Botmetric’s well-designed security management is helping organizations in understanding the importance of security specifically and enabling them in incrementally advancing towards their needed posture.

Take the risk out of your cloud infrastructure through Botmetric’s extensive list of foremost security checks. These security checks are carried out on a regular basis. Let Botmetric help you in ensuring safety of your AWS Cloud infrastructure by providing you concrete report for all your cloud insights.

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