The Feb Roundup @ Botmetric: Embark on a Journey Towards NoOps

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The second month of 2017 has ended on a great note at Botmetric, with more focus on championing NoOps and making life easier for AWS users.

Our philosophy at Botmetric is that humans should solve new problems while machines can solve known problems. So, we have embarked on a journey towards NoOps, which essentially means: Saying ‘No’ to mundane and known ‘operational’ problems that can be automated using machines.

To that end, we released Incidents, Actions, & Triggers app, under Botmetric Ops & Automation product. Essentially, this app helps DevOps engineers take control on how they manage a deluge of alerts thrusted upon them. Botmetric’s intelligent machine learning capability can automatically do the correlation of alerts from network, application and infrastructure, group them as incidents and automate remediation for known operational problems in an IT infrastructure. To get a gist of what it is read the blog here. To get a detailed overview of the app, visit Botmetric feature page here.

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What’s Else is New?

In February, we also introduced Undo & Reallocate capability into Botmetric Chargeback app, which helps AWS users manage their AWS cloud budget like a champ, and also provide the capability to define, control, allocate, and understand their AWS cost allocation by different cost centers in their organization, while also have an ability to generate internal chargeback invoices. Botmetric Product Marketing Executive Girivaru Tarun covered an awesome post about this feature. Do read it here.

Know More About Undo & Reallocate 

As a customer-focused company, Botmetric always strives to integrate top-notch features that ultimately make the customers’ life easier and better. So, Botmetric introduced the first phase of Single Sign On (SSO) for Enterprises with Google. Do read the blog post to know more about it.

Single Sign On (SSO) for Enterprises : Check it Out Now

Featured Blogs of the Month

Botmetric published several blogs to throw more light on how to make a progression from DevOps to NoOps in 2017. Do check them out below.

Top Five DevOps to NoOps Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

Know all the top five trends shaping the cloud world in 2017 and beyond, like Serverless Programming, Containerization, Microservices Architecture, Intelligent and Unified Operations, and Self Healing and Auto Remediation. Read here.

Champion DevOps to NoOps in 2017 with Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps)

A progression from DevOps to NoOps is a must, if you are building your application or solution with a credo that “machines should solve known problems and engineers must focus on solving new problems.” And for that progression to actualize from DevOps to NoOps, embracing AIOps is a must. This blog is a must read, if you want to know about the top five AIOps that can help you navigate your DevOps tasks smoothly through 2017. Read here.

Why You Need Cloud Garbage Collection in 2017?

At Botmetric, we are implementing several cloud garbage collection mechanisms for our customers to ensure they take advantage of the cost savings and leverage intelligent automation to tame the leakages and thus control their business’ cloud spend. Want to know what cloud garbage collection is, read this blog post.

The State of DevOps in 2017

Botmetric guest blogger, Nate Vickery, beautifully weaved the State of DevOps in 2017 for us. In this blog post, Nate says, “DevOps has arrived in the time of need, giving a solution to the demand for new software and offering a way into the future with new ways of collaboration and development of software processes.Read on to know what this year hold for DevOps engineers in the cloud.” Read the blog to know more.

More Expert Featured Blogs @ Botmetric

In February, we also spoke about Continuous Security on the cloud, to help cloud users to be more nimble when it comes to cloud security, and how they need to use automation to get continuous security on the cloud.

On the more technology front, Botmetric’s zealous Minja Nikit Swaraj shared one of his awesome blog posts titled, Containerized Application Deployment on AWS using Docker Cloud. If you are a DevOps guy trying to deploy containerized application on AWS, then bookmark this blog. Because it provides step-by-step procedure on how to go about it.

There are many more insightful blogs populated on public cloud and cloud management. Do read them here.

The ultimate goal at Botmetric is to help customers move towards NoOps. With that, on to March! We’ve got some exciting things coming in few days. So, to be the first to hear about feature updates, new blog posts, and more just just leave your email ID below and we will ensure you will receive all updates from Botmetric. And have you rated Botmetric, yet? If not, rate it now.



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