Embracing Micro Services Architecture to Speed-Up Sprint Process at Botmetric

At Botmetric, we are on a mission to simplify the cloud management operations for businesses across the world. As a born in the cloud company, our development process from day one was to be agile and lean for faster iterations with constant feedback from our customers. However, as we built the Botmetric SaaS platform and delivered initial versions of the product, we encountered many challenges in regards to process, architecture, deployment, and reliability.

To elaborate further, we faced several challenges:

  • The code base grew over the last 24 months, and we needed to look for new ways to decouple the complexity
  • There was a tight integration among Play based web layer, Java API & services layer, Spring-based data management, Search store, Tasks scheduling, and workers system
  • Packaging different components and deploying them on shared machines, at times, was very challenging
  • There was a need to upgrade underlying libraries and rollback different components in a smooth way without breaking existing things when needed
  • We wanted to create a focused team of 3 to 5 engineers on each of our major components and completely free them from rest of the system complexity

Moreover, during the start of 2016, we evaluated Docker, and experimented it for packaging and deploying Botmetric SaaS platform components. However, during the process, we realized our core problem (apart from packing dependencies) was of tighter integration between different components and applications that had to be decoupled for reducing the complexity. Hence, we moved to micro services architecture to speed-up our sprint process.

During this journey, we learned that adoption of new services and architectural approaches does bring its own set of challenges including initial hiccups and bringing everyone up to speed within the team.

By embracing the Micro Services Architecture, we could simplify our complex system into manageable components along with containerization. The end result: We accelerated our development as well as the deployment of software.

To know in detail how we embraced Micro Services Architecture, decoupled Botmetric into manageable micro services, performed containerization with Docker, and more, read the Medium post authored by Vijay Rayapati, CEO at Minjar Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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