What’s New in Botmetric ? Enhanced AWS Reserved Instance Planner

Reserved Instance Planning on AWS is one of the most important tasks for a AWS cloud IT team with respect to cost optimization and savings. It is also one of the most complex tasks. Botmetric, with its AWS Reserved Instance Planner helps you in resource reservation planning for EC2 and RDS. To further help you in optimizing cost, Botmetric also finds out the unused reservations. It also goes a step ahead and recommends possible modifications within reservations in order to save more efficiently.

We, at Botmetric, understand the importance of reserved instance planning for our customers and constantly work towards enhancing our offering. Botmetric’s AWS reserved instance planner is one of our most used and sought after feature. We received multiple requests from our customers. As always we have listened and acted upon them. We are happy to announce multiple updates to our RI Planner:

EC2 Reserved Instance Portfolio

This was one of the most requested feature. A simple but powerful one. A kind of essential one, so that our customers need not go to AWS console to get the details of the current existing and recently retired reservations while they are planning for their reservations on Botmetric. Also this will eliminate the need to switch across multiple accounts to gather reservation info. What if you have more than 20 Linked accounts! We could feel our customers pain here and acted on it swiftly. Result is brand new EC2 Reserved Instance Portfolio.


We now have a dedicated section for complete EC2 reservations information. You can now do the following with this update:

  1. Get the holistic list of active and retired EC2 reservations across all the Linked accounts under a Payer account. On AWS you need to switch between accounts to get this. And as you may already know, reserved instance planning is something which must be taken up at the payer account level. Hence, the information of all the existing reservations across all Linked accounts at one place becomes very powerful and useful.
  2. Get the list of reservations expiring in near future. You can sort the list as per number of days left for expiring. This can help you in planning your renewals.
  3. Get a list of recently retired reservations and check if any of them is required to be renewed.
  4. You can also look out for old generation AWS instance-types and ensure that you upgrade the corresponding running EC2 instances to a newer generation and renew the reservation accordingly.

RI Planner New Reports

Botmetric’s AWS reserved instance planner now has few more reports added. You can now download three new reports:

    • EC2 Reservation Recommendation CSV Report
    • Existing Reservation CSV Report
    • Expiring RI CSV Report


RI Expiry Email Alert

We have now released Unused RI Email Alert , which updates you with the unused reservations every week. This is an extension of our Unused RI Analyzer. Unused reservations are one of the places where you must definitely optimize. You can modify unused reservations to match existing running instances and save.


There are many updates which you can expect in near future on optimizing unused reservations.

Apart from these updates on our AWS reserved instance planner , we have a few more for you:

  1. You can now analyze cost in Cost Explorer by excluding/including Subscription Cost.
  2. You can now add the emails of multiple Botmetric users in your cloud automation jobs. In case of job failure, all the configured users will get notified. Earlier, only the job creator used to get these email notifications. You asked for it, we heard and delivered!
  3. We have redesigned and improved our summary and alert emails, made them look better.

We believe that with these latest enhancements and additions, our customers AWS cloud management experience on Botmetric will be enriched.

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As always, many of the features and updates in Botmetric are Customer driven. You can share your suggestions or feature requests here.

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