The September Roundup @ Botmetric: Enhancing AWS Cost Management And Much More

We understand the fast-paced life, and believe in all things quick! We know, nothing matters more when you can catch up with important news in few clicks and scrolls amidst a busy schedule. That’s why: here is the first post contemplating what happened at Botmetric in the month of September. And it was mostly about Botmetric further helping you with more AWS Cost Management features.

New feathers in the Botmetric’s cap:

Enhancements are essential part of growth. While there was so much of happening in the cloud arena, Botmetric’s product engineering team had rolled up their sleeves and were busy adding more user-centric enhancements to the platform. Here are the two featured additions made this month :

1) A Handy RDS RI Portfolio Management for the Wise Cloud Managers

What is it about: Managing reserved RDS portfolio in AWS

How will it help:  It provides the right data-points to help today’s cloud managers make the right purchase decisions on RDS RI and manage their reserved RDS instances portfolio with minimal effort.

Where can you find this feature on Botmetric: Under RI Planner console.

Read the blog on this feature here.

2) Capability to Search Cost Items based on Linked Accounts

What is it about: Searching cost associated with linked accounts in AWS.

How will it help: It helps categorize and track the costs aggregated by linked accounts. In essence, users can filter cost items for linked accounts for singular view in cost allocation of allocated/unallocated objects.

Where can you find this feature on Botmetric: Under Cost Allocation Console.

Read the blog on this feature here.

Knowledge Sharing @ Botmetric

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