Expert Speak: What’s New in Botmetric 2.0?

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Editor’s Note: This exclusive blog post is by our zealous Customer Success Manager, Richa Nath. Includes featured excerpts of an interview by her with Amarkant Singh, Head of Product, Botmetric.  

2017 is the year the cloud will zoom like a rocket, says an IDG  report. To that end, organizations, big or small, will have to be ready for challenges in getting the processes, technology, and people required to proceed in the cloud-driven and cloud-first journey. This is where Botmetric has been helping cloud users manage their public cloud as a unified cloud management platform, since 2014.

As a Customer Success Manager at Botmetric, my team and I have put our best foot forward (and will continue) to help several customers manage & optimize public cloud easily. From the time Botmetric launched till date, we have not shifted our focus a tad in achieving what we have believed — “We want to be the best friend in managing your cloud.’

On the occasion of Thanksgiving day, we released a new version of Botmetric. Our previous blog post, a cover story by Botmetric CEO Vijay Rayapati, already threw light on why the new Botmetric was built when the platform already had good feedback from the customers.

Today, I would like to share few excerpts of an exclusive tech talk I had arranged with Amarkant Singh, Head of Product, Botmetric, on the day of launch. These excerpts will spill more beans on what’s new in Botmetric 2.0!

Here it goes:


The new Botmetric platform now has three applications: Cost Management & Governance, Security & Compliance, and Ops & Automation. What else should our customers know about the new Botmetric?

Amar: The new Botmetric is ingrained with cutting-edge cloud intelligence that will further help manage, optimize, and govern the cloud in the easiest way possible. Moreover, it is now customer centric. As you already know, a CIO will rarely be interested in Ops and Automation, while a CISO always wants to look into only security and compliance. In short, I can say that the new Botmetric is now user-targeted within a company, it is unified, and an intelligent cloud management platform.


There is a new feature called Smart RI Management in the Botmetric Cost Management & Governance app. And under this feature, there is Confidence Score. How does this matter in RI planning for businesses on AWS?

Amar: The new Smart RI Management is the GenNext of the previous RI management module. This new feature is built with intelligence and has the Confidence Score. This Confidence Score is a wise metric that adds more insights in decision making while reserving cloud capacity for the businesses. We always wanted to give our customers the opportunity to make intelligent RI decisions to increase their Cloud ROI. The Confidence Score is that number calculated considering multiple factors like number of days a server was used, CPU usage, network I/O, etc. In essence, the Smart RI Management allows customers to filter confidence score accordingly to suit their RI planning.


The new Cost Management & Governance app has EC2 Cost Analysis. How does it help Botmetric customers in understanding their AWS Cloud utilization?

Amar: In my experience, EC2 is the highest contender towards a customer’s AWS expenses. And it’s hard to analyze various related items in EC2 cost for customers. With the launch of EC2 Cost Analysis app, Botmetric customers can now find out various insights like which instances they are spending the most, what is the split cost for various sub services like EBS/EIP, etc. In addition, there are other involved costs such as subscription, NAT-Gateway and more. These costs needs to be taken care of too. We are very excited to offer EC2 cost analytics to our customers for simplifying their analysis.


I’ve several customers asking me, if there is anything Botmetric can do about Data Transfer cost insights? Now that it’s included in the new Botmetric, can you throw some light on it? And tell our customers how does data transfer analysis help in cost reduction?

Amar: This is one of the most requested feature by our users because Data Transfer is a gray area for even AWS cloud power users. If you are a business with high data transfer nature in your infrastructure, then you would definitely want to realize which services contribute more towards data transfer expenditure and how it’s spread across different bandwidth costs of AWS. This realization of data transfer cost analysis through AWS bills is a tedious and manual task. With Botmetric’s new AWS Data Transfer Analysis feature, customers can understand their bandwidth costs at ease.


RI recommendations was one of the most favorite feature of our customers. The new Botmetric has ‘Smart’ RI recommendations. How do you think it will add more value than the previous RI recommendation feature?

Amar: Yes, we received a lot of good feedback for the AWS Reserved Instance planning module in Botmetric. With the new Smart RI recommendation, like its predecessor, is also a process defined within Botmetric to simplify the cloud capacity purchases by businesses. It starts from identifying the capacity to be reserved (EC2 RIs in term of instances) and then identifing what kind of RI financial model provides the best ROI for the customers. It computes an intelligent Confidence Score to help customers take decisions for their AWS RI purchase. Within the detailed RI planner, customers can now filter in the Confidence Score, view type of RIs that are lined up for recommendations and add them to the plan. This plan can then be downloaded as CSV report and can be consumed offline to get approvals and plan budget. We are working on further simplifying this task so our customers with large cloud infrastructure can do this quickly.


Before I move to other questions on Security & Compliance, do you want to talk about any other cool features available in the new Cost Management & Governance app?

Amar: Yes. We have also included Eliminate feature in Cost Management and Governance app, where customers can perform multiple clean-ups in their cloud account with 0% error, that too with just one click. This will definitely save hours of manual work and save money for our customers.


In the new Security & Compliance app, we have introduced Health Score there. How does it help customers in understanding the security of their infrastructure?

Amar: Our thought of creating Health Score was to help our customers to reach a score of 100 for a fully secure and compliant infrastructure. This score is computed based on our security and compliance analysis with respect to customer known history from previous audits & our recommended best practices for securing infrastructure on the cloud. In essence, it will help customers keep track of their cloud security compliance.


Many customers who tried Beta have asked me about the custom policies for audits. So, how does custom policies help customers in Security & Compliance?

Amar: We created various categories in audits to make it easy for customers to understand their network security and disaster recovery compliance, etc. If a customer feels that the pre-defined policies are not tailored to their needs, then Botmetric provides an opportunity for them to create custom policies by selecting various audits related to security and compliance with specific configuration suited for their business. It is not as complicated as it sounds at least for cloud security engineers 🙂


In Security & Compliance app, there is an exclusive Security Group(SG) audit? What is it?

Amar: AWS Security Group (SG)  is the most used network services in AWS infrastructure for defining the access security (using virtual firewall) for a customer’s cloud infrastructure.  Most of the network access rules are  handled by it. The SG determines network access rules to define the inflow/outflow traffic and also regulates the access to specific IPs in a customer’s cloud infrastructure. Since the security groups are at the core of network security in AWS cloud, a dedicated audit section for such a critical service was much required so that our customers have a higher vigilance and easy way to locate any critical vulnerabilities quickly.  I strongly recommend this feature for network engineer responsible for managing the access security for their AWS cloud.


Under the Ops & Automation app, there is a Resource Analyzer, which has a new visual map-view feature. What is the thinking behind it and how it will help?

Amar: Many customers have asked for a single view of their global cloud infrastructure in AWS. With Resource Analyzer, a customer can get an aggregated view of cloud resources distribution across the globe, discover various key cloud services consumed by them, and eliminate unused resources. We are working on making this much more intelligent to pinpoint problems and detect issues in customer cloud environment. Many of our beta customers have heavily used this feature to download reports by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most utilized regions.


What are the major features in the new Ops & Automation application that you think customers should be aware of?

Amar: Firstly, the new Ops and Automation application has an execution history feature that tracks every action taken by Botmetric on your behalf for automating operational jobs and handling any alert events. It is one of our most requested feature by our customers, as many wanted to view the previous executions and track the changes in Automation. This feature will help a lot of our customers who are performing internal audits & need to have visibility into their cloud automation changes. Secondly, we have included extensive filters in Resource Analyzer to help customers explore all resources across various cloud accounts and regions. Moreover, it will help customers drill down details to a cloud availability zone and their custom tag, and then allow them to download the report so that they can consume it offline.

If you’re on AWS, then do explore the new Botmetric platform for intelligent cloud management, for free, with an exclusive 14-day trial, and do give us a shout out on TwitterFacebook, and  LinkedIn  to tell us what you think about it. Stay tuned for other interesting news from us!




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