Importance Of Using AWS For Disaster Recovery

Disasters may occur in any form, like fire or flood and can severely damage enterprise’s data centres and interrupt their operations. Thus, it is highly important for your business to be DR ready. This post talks about the importance of using AWS for Disaster Recovery (DR).

The AWS cloud virtually allows faster disaster recovery of organization’s significant IT systems without laying themselves open to the infrastructure expenditures of a second physical site. It supports many well-accepted disaster recovery (DR) structural designs from “pilot light” settings that are all set to scale up at an instant notice to “hot standby” surroundings that allow fast failover.

There are numerous advantages of using AWS for Disaster Recovery:

  1. Speedy disk-based storage space and recovery of files
  2. Reduces costs allied with transferring, stocking up, and recovering tape media and related tape backup software
  3. Quick recovery of files to help you in avoiding fines for missing compliance targets
  4. Insert any amount of data, fast.

With data centres present in 12 regions worldwide, AWS offers a set of cloud-based disaster recovery services that permit speedy revival of IT infrastructure and data of organizations. It provides the suppleness to promptly modify and optimize resources in the course of a DR incident, thus bringing enterprises great savings.

Here are some tips that can help enterprises in assessing DR promptness in AWS.

  1. It’s always good to have data backed up into AWS through a proper device and practice
  2. Employee’s capacities should be assessed properly to deal with an emergency by verifying the work involved
  3. It is highly important to have accurate data backup software to make sure that systems are fully operational in case of a DR
  4. Recovery of data should be examined promptly
  5. It is better to stay away from updating the systems without arranging for backup of data
  6. The data backup software needs to be efficient enough to handle required necessary changes in production environments.

Use these tips to back up data in the cloud with simplicity. Get your AWS Disaster Recovery backup tasks timely automated and follow the right strategy in right place and you can safely make your AWS Cloud Infrastructure DR ready.

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