Introducing Alert Analytics in Botmetric: The Smartest Way to DevOps Alert Management

Are you a DevOps engineer vexed by a deluge of system generated alert mails? Ah! Alert fatigue it is. We heard you. We are now on a pursuit to make every Ops engineer’s life a lot easier with an intelligent and efficient alerts management. To this end, we power packed Botmetric Ops & Automation with Alert Analytics. The new feature addition provides you a bird’s eye view of all the alerts from multiple monitoring systems like DataDog, NewRelic etc. It also detects anomalies across your cloud infrastructure proactively and helps you with efficient alerts management by reducing the noise.

The backdrop: What drove Botmetric to build Alert Analytics

Since the last decade, IT operations have been seeing a lot of adaptations – from physical servers to cloud to containers, from admins to IT Ops, and from IT Ops to DevOps. Across all these adaptations, one unavoidable yet irksome activity remains with the Ops team throughout. That is handling a deluge of system generated alerts.

On an average, an Ops engineer spends 1-2 minutes to identify the alerts. And then 2 to 7 minutes to analyze the issue and look for a quick-fix solution. This constant need for being vigilant and cognitive is quite stressful and eats up lot of time and effort. In many cases, alerts tend to re-occur and might get devoid of the engineer’s attention. Even with the help of monitoring tools, alerts management is a huge challenge as distributed cloud architectures and containers add to the complexity.

Botmetric CEO Vijay Rayapati, in one of his blog post, had collated few wishlist every DevOps engineer wants in place of alert fatigue, like the ability to understand signal over noise, need for scope aware alerting, etc.

Catering to this need, Botmetric Alert Analytics was built. Primarily, to help DevOps engineers and architects have a quick look at the alerts (either by host or by metric) over a period of time, to understand the patterns and have the capability to make informed decisions and thus reduce alert fatigue.

Here’re the features that the new Alert Analytics offers:

  • Integrates with leading monitoring systems

Alert Analytics integrates seamlessly with many industry standard monitoring tools. All you need to do is enable the integration from the list of Botmetric supported integrations. Upon successful integration, It collects alerts from the monitoring systems of your choice like Datadog, NewRelic, CloudWatch, etc. We will be adding lot more integrations over coming months!

Configuring monitoring tools in Botmetric


  • Analyzes collated alerts for efficient alert management

    Botmetric analyzes the collated alerts from the monitoring tool and provides you bird’s eye view of  all the alerts from the chosen monitoring systems, thus helping you visualize alerts in the form of graphical reports.

Botmetric Alert Analytics Overview

  • Provides operational insights for a supercharged alerts management

With Analyze option in the new feature, you  can quickly discover all the alerts that are bothering you the most. This feature also provides alert reports in the form of bar graphs and line graphs based on  metrics & hosts causing maximum problems.  These graphs can be generated with various filters, like duration, hosts, and metrics, to obtain granular information that further help in root cause analysis.

Analyze Alerts

You can access this feature in Botmetric Cloud Management Platform under Ops & Automation. Give it a 14-days try, experience what NoOps is, and write to us with your feedback on how we can improve it further.

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