The January Roundup @ Botmetric: Solidifying DevOps with NoOps on the Cloud

The first month of 2017 at Botmetric has ended on a good note. We launched one of most sought after feature every DevOps engineer on the cloud seeks to have it: Alert Analytics.

Plus, we have been contemplating more around how DevOps and NoOps on private cloud looks like in 2017 and beyond. We spoke about how DevOps drives cloud more than ever. Likewise, the DevOps community, for long, has been speaking about the emergence of NoOps. Especially around continuous software delivery, continuous security, and high-end business contribution.

But there seems to be a lot of confusion among the DevOps community, as most DevOps guys believe ‘NoOps’ is an Utopian paradise; and more so it is a threat to IT operations and would downsize the resources-in-line. However, the fact is NoOps is just minimizing the amount of time spent on Ops by a DevOps guy. To give a perspective to it, we spoke about what NoOps is through the eyes of a DevOps engineer.

Besides to further help the DevOps community, Botmetric is conscientiously working on improving its Ops & Automation product around it, to further define the future of cloud computing.

Alert Analytics: A new feather in the Botmetric’s cap

Enhancements are an essential part of growth. This month, Botmetric product engineering team took cloud management a notch higher with the release of Alert Analytics in its Ops & Automation product.

What is it about: Managing operational email alerts generated by systems  

How will it help:  It provides DevOps engineer with a bird’s eye view of all the system generated email alerts from multiple monitoring systems like DataDog, NewRelic, etc., and detects anomalies across a cloud infra, thus helping manage alerts.

Where can you find this feature on Botmetric: In Ops & Automation.

Know more about it on this blog post.

Knowledge Sharing @ Botmetric

Botmetric published several blogs to help make your cloud management a breeze. Do check out some of the trending blogs posted on Botmetric this month.

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11 Hard-Won Lessons We’ve Learned about AWS Auto Scaling

AWS Auto scaling, even though one of the powerful tools leveraging the elasticity feature of public cloud, it is a double-edged sword. Because it introduces higher level complexity in the technology architecture and daily operations management. Without the proper configuration and testing, it might do more harm than good. So, we’ve collated few lessons we learned over a period – to help you make the most of Auto Scaling capabilities on AWS.

5 AWS Tips and Tricks to Solidify your EC2 and RDS RI Planning in 2017

Almost 92% of AWS users fail to manage EC2 and RDS Reserved Instances (RIs) properly, thus failing to optimize their AWS spend. An effective AWS cost optimization excise starts with an integrated RI strategy that combines a well thought out AWS EC2 and RDS planning. To this end, we have collated top 5 tips and tricks to solidify your EC2 and RDS RI planning. Besides, we’ve an exclusive cloud engineer’s guide for you. This guide demystifies RIs, and covers all the pro tips & tricks and best practices one need to know to make successful RI planning that helps save thousands of dollars. Grab your free copy now.

There are many more insightful blogs populated on public cloud and cloud management at Botmetric. Do read them here.

Rain or shine, Botmetric will continue to provide many more AWS cloud management features. And, if you have not caught-up with all the 2016 AWS re:Invent announcements, we have a cheat sheet ready for you. Until the next month, stay tuned with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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