June roundup : Important takeaways on AWS Cloud Management

Summer is here. Break-out your sunscreen and sunglasses. This summer we bring in fresh perspective and share knowledge on how a CFO can empower cloud by understanding best practices and contribute better towards budgeting and planning for a digital infrastructure. To strengthen the architecture, we have listed the 10 commandments for design principles in building a performance based cloud infrastructure. We also have a special featured article on enterprise security by Vijay Raypati, the CEO of Minjar. Hence, this month we have a comprehensive AWS cloud management knowledge about – cost, security and architecture for superlative cloud success.We also launched Botmetric advanced budget alerting that provides granular budgeting for more precise cloud cost management.

As we wind up June ‘17, let’s have a look at the gist of all the key news updates from the cloud ecosystem during the course of a month. The month-in-review covers all the core features, in and around Botmetric and AWS cloud.

Product News You Must Know @ Botmetric

Botmetric continues to build more competencies on it’s platform. Here’re the  updates:

Botmetric Advanced Budget Alerting

What is it about: Forming advanced budget rules for more crisp and desired budgeting. IT budgeting can start with a painful process but ends in crafting a better strategy and roadmap. With advanced budgeting in Botmetric you can create segmented ( for linked accounts and cost centers) as well as desired custom( mix of RI, linked accounts, AWS services, tags and more) budgeting rules.

How will it help: It will help Financial Consultants, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, AWS Partners, AWS Consultants to set budget in a much more granular way.

Where can you find this feature on Botmetric: Under Cost & Governance – Configure tab

To know more in detail, read the blog “Botmetric Cost & Governance for Advanced Budget Alerting

Knowledge Sharing @ Botmetric

Top AWS Cloud Security Concerns Today’s Enterprises Need to Let Go

The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides some great features that you can use to increase and monitor the security for your enterprise data and applications. It also has flow logs that capture information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces in the organization’s VPC.

These top AWS security concerns are to be carefully looked at to achieve 360 degree perimeter security.

Today’s CFO’s Guide to Perfected Cloud Cost Management

The cloud can bring many advantages to your business. With that being said, a CFO needs a clear understanding of the cloud and how to get the most out of it so money and resources aren’t wasted. You must choose the right type of governance controls for your cloud and implement the effective management measures to make sure everything runs efficiently for your business while taking advantage of cloud benefits as a company. This model would help a CFO in guiding a perfected Cloud Cost Management.

AWS EC2 Reserved Instances —Choosing the right one that fits you

Though AWS RIs give you the maximum savings in your cloud cost, if not managed properly, they might lead to cost leaks. Planning and managing AWS RIs is a tedious task. Analyze & forecast your usage properly before you purchase. After purchasing RIs, you must monitor the usage regularly to check if the discounts are applied or not. Learn more about EC2 RI for better requirement analysis for reservations.

AWS EC2 Pricing and Best Practices: The Complete Factsheet on Price Reduction and Cost Optimization

EC2 is the most used and builds up to 70% of AWS bill for more than 2/3 of AWS users. New pricing models such as Reserved and Spot instances have been introduced to reduce your EC2 spend. This article speaks about AWS EC2 price reduction and optimization best practices comprehensively, so that you know complete in and out of EC2 pricing models and use best practices to reduce your spend on EC2. This factsheet will help you understand EC2 best practices much more concisely.

Demystifying Your Monthly AWS Cloud Usage Costs

The costing for specific use cases can sometimes get pretty challenging because it typically involves the use of multiple features across multiple AWS products. In turn, this means that there are more factors and purchase options to consider, which means that there is greater complexity. Additionally, there are tools such as the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator that you can use to estimate your monthly bill. Here you can understand and learn in brief about AWS cloud usage costs minus the complexity for a better AWS cloud management.

10 Design Principles for AWS Cloud Architecture

There are certain principles that one needs to follow to make the most of the tremendous capabilities of the Cloud. You can reduce cost by selecting the right type, configurations and storage solutions to suit your needs. Implement Auto Scaling so that you can scale horizontally when required or scale down when necessary can be done without any extra cost. Taking advantage of the variety of purchasing options (Reserved and spot instances) while buying EC2 instances will help reduce cost on computing capacity. Similarly there are more all together 10 design principles that you must follow for a performance optimized cloud infrastructure.

5 Point Guide For Today’s CFO to Cloud Cost Management

What most business leaders and IT owners fail to realize is that most cloud providers, including the AWS, offer incremental discounts which are proportionate to the increase in use, these volume discounts are available for Compute, Storage and Network Bandwidth etc. In other words, the more you use, the bigger the discount. Fortunately, these can be used in a myriad of ways and incorporated into existing discounts for an even larger margin for savings. AWS also offers Enterprise Discount Program for large customers that spend over $1 million per annum on their Cloud. Here’s a 5 point guide for every CFO who is aspiring to go digital and wants to start with cloud– a comprehensive cloud cost management tip sheet.

Wrap up

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