How to Lower AWS TCO and Drive More Value of Web Apps?

Increasingly, businesses these days prefer deploying web apps on the AWS cloud over on-premises data center. By doing so, they can lower AWS TCO, “Total Cost of Ownership,” of the web app. However, they can reduce the cost much much more with a versatile cloud management suite like Botmetric.

The Backdrop: Why AWS Cloud for Web Apps?

If you are a AWS user, you must already be aware that AWS reduced the cost considerably in 2014. It reduced its cost of compute, storage, and relational database by an average of 30%, 51%, and 28% respectively. As an AWS user, you must have also observed that it’s pay-per-use and elasticity model that has helped you save anywhere between 75% to 90% when compared to on-demand rates. Good news, right?

The bigger good news is that AWS’ universal footprint, automation competency, and economies of scale has enabled business across the globe to continue to save on a large scale. To this end, businesses are now able to invest that saved money somewhere else in their business.

If you’re not yet aware of how to calculate and estimate your web apps’ TCO on AWS cloud, then you can use the AWS TCO Calculator. This versatile calculator tool juxtaposes cost incurred for application deployment on the cloud, on-premise, and colocation environment. It then provides the cost estimation for each of them. This tool also provides comprehensive reports and insights into the various cost components involved.

In addition to the calculator tool, AWS — in the best interest of its customers — recommends the four pillars of cost optimization to get lower TCO:

  • Right sizing
  • Reserved instances
  • Increase elasticity
  • Measure, monitor, and improve

It is easier said than done. It’s like half the battle won. In a dynamic cloud environment, touching upon these four pillars all by yourself is a very daunting task.

Enter Botmetric.

Botmetric leverages these four pillars to get to the bottom of unexpected cloud cost inflations, thus helping you to lower AWS TCO Web Apps.

AWS Right sizing:

Botmetric arms businesses with insightful reports that help them to identify, reduce, and remove over-provisioned AWS instances. With Botmetric, you can right size your instances in the quickest means possible.

AWS Reserved Instances:

Planning your AWS Reserved Instances efficiently is a vital cost management strategy. Botmetric’s AWS RI Planner gives you this capability with a detailed list of all your unused resources with smart modification options.

Increase elasticity:

Botmetric’s Unused AWS RI Analyzer fine-combs existing unused/underused reservations and scans the AWS for potential modifications. As it tracks, it provides a detailed report on it, so that you can customize the CPU capacity usage according to your needs thereby increasing the elasticity.

Measure, Monitor, and Improve:

Botmetric blends operational intelligence with DevOps automation to measure AWS’s efficiency from all dimensions. Moreover, it tracks, predicts and improves your cloud spend at a granular level using Advanced Cost Explorer.

To Conclude

Botmetric stresses on optimizing reserved instances and monitoring the AWS for potential loopholes regularly. Because it is one of the key factors that helps lower AWS TCO and drive more value out of your Web apps on AWS. Thus, businesses can quickly make a decision for re-allocation, thereby lowering TCO and deriving more value from their web apps. To know more about our Unused AWS RI Analyzer, read our blog Saving Cost Intelligently – Unused AWS Reserved Instance Modifications.

This is just a gist of what Botmetric can do. To get hands-on experience on Botmetric, sign-up for our 14-day trial. While we are back with our next blog, do stay in touch with us and share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.