New in AWS Cost Allocation: Search Cost Items Based on Linked Accounts

Ensuring that cloud budgets are tracked and governed at the right time is key to managing AWS optimally. Thanks to our Botmetric’s smart features, many of our customers now manage their AWS cloud budgets like a champ. They continually share their experiences — and they love our Cost Analytics’ AWS Cost Allocation feature.

They even talk about how beneficial our cost allocation feature has been in many ways. Like, ensuring the proper tagging policies, tag resources that have not been properly tagged, providing an edge to allocate costs for those items for which AWS does not allow, analyze costs of resources for which tagging was not possible earlier, and much more.

On the flip side, few customers came up with a request to include searchable feature that would help them search cost items based on linked accounts. As always, we are all ears and have acted upon quickly. Voila: Introducing new search feature to easily find cost of each AWS linked accounts. By doing so, it helps AWS users delve deeper into better AWS cost management.

The Need for Searching Cost Items based on  and the Key Takeaways

Botmetric’s AWS Cost Allocation dashboard provides the summary view of the costs that have been allocated and unallocated. The unallocated costs gives an indicator of the effort needed to make the budgets up-to-date immediately. The user would then immediately want to expand the cost-items group and narrow down on the cost-item to which he/she might want to allocate a specific cost. Here, availability of a quick search box that can bring up the cost-items’ details on demand comes in handy.

AWS Cost Allocation- Linked Accounts- Botmetric

Botmetric’s Cost Management & Governance solution provides all these UI elements in the dashboard so that the user can get his/her task accomplished with less time and less human effort.

Some of the key updated features of the AWS Cost Allocation dashboard include:

  • Filter cost items for linked accounts for singular view in cost allocation of allocated/unallocated objects
  • View multiple cost details belonging to a single linked account in a single view
  • Allocate desired unallocated items to a single linked account
  • Select items and allocate up to 7500 of line count in one go

AWS Cost Allocation- Linked Accounts- Botmetric for AWS Cloud

To Wrap Up

Budgeting helps users plan contingencies and decide upon spot buying or on-demand buying of resources. It can help resource juggling before committing to purchases.Check out our latest search feature for linked accounts and update your budget allocation now. You can track our product updates here.

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