Botmetric Cloud Explorer: A Handy Topological Relationship View of AWS Resources

Picture this: A cloud engineer is trying hard to map all his AWS resources to have a complete understanding of the infrastructure. He also wants to map how each resources are connected and where they stand today so that he can build stronger governance, auditing, and tracking of resources. All he wishes for is one handy, cumulative relationship view of AWS resources in a topological view. Of course, there is AWS Config service at his disposal, but it does not provide that topological view.

Plus, getting a complete relationship view of AWS resources can be taxing. For the reason that: when on AWS, we tend to create, delete, and manage resources sporadically. No more worries. Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View has your back!

Why Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View?

“Sometimes, it’s good to get a different perspective,” says a famous adage. You don’t get a complete picture of what’s happening when you are cleaving through the complex roads. You get to figure out what you are looking for only when you take a different perspective. Perhaps, a bird’s eye view will help rather than deep diving into complex data. Likewise, when you deep dive into your cloud data, there are chances you will be lost. However, if you get a bird’s eye view of your AWS resources, then it’s nothing like it.

Of course there is AWS Config service at your disposal, but on a long run, a relationship view of all AWS resources will help manage and evaluate these resources with greater accuracy and less effort.

Here, at Botmetric, we always strive to give a complete picture of your AWS cloud infrastructure, not just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why we built Cloud Explorer that provides a handy topology and relationship view of all your AWS cloud resources.

Botmetric Cloud Explorer’s Relationship View gives the topological representation of your complete AWS infrastructure. In a single glance, you can get a complete view of your resources how they are connected to each other.

The primary function of Relationship View is to track the state of different AWS resources like AWS VPCs, AWS Subnets, EC2 Instances, EC2 volumes, Security Groups, EIP, Route Table, Internet Gateway, VPN Gateway, Network Interface, Network ACL, Customer Gateway, and more.

Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View of AWS Resources


And, if you’re an organization or an enterprise with a huge number of servers under a VPC, Botmetric Cloud Explorer’s Relationship View will give you a view of which server is connected to which Subnet. Plus, it also gives topological relationship view of each Security Group the instance is associated to.

Also, if there are multiple VPCs on your AWS account, then Relationship View will give you a glance on which subnets belongs to which VPC. By dragging the VPC on to the side of the topological view you can see the complete details on how the resources  are connected with each other under specific VPC.

Relationship View of AWS Resources

There are other highlights of Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View too, like it provides:

  • Ability to find which security groups are not assigned to any resources
  • Visibility on unused security groups and subnets
  • Real-time view on the resources i.e if you make any change in your infrastructure, then that change in data will immediately reflect on the topological view in Botmetric

Apart from giving a relationship view, Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View can be used as a knowledge sharing too. Plus, it can help your entire team to verify the relationship between each AWS resources and check manually. For instance, which subnet belongs to which VPC or which security group is associated to which Instance. This saves a lot of  time!

Above all, to build stronger governance, tracking of resources is pivotal. With Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View, you can easily and quickly identify the resources that are not utilized and thus help govern the resources timely.

How to Access Botmetric’s Cloud Explorer Relationship View?

The Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View can be accessed from Botmetric Ops & Automation product — an intelligent cloud automation console for smarter cloud operations and management. 

One of the prerequisites to access it is to enable AWS Config for the regions you would want to use this feature with few steps. Because, AWS Config provides you with an AWS resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration change notifications. Primarily to enable security and governance. Above all, it takes a snapshot of the state of your AWS resources and how they are wired together, then tracks changes that take place between them. So, any modification, addition, deletion in your AWS infra gets recorded in AWS CloudTrail.

Once up and running, you can have Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View handy.

Conclusion: Topological Relationship View of AWS Resources is Pivotal

As your business scales on the cloud, usage of resources and modification to them scale too. Instead of diving deep into the complex data at the first glance, you must first get a bird’s eye view of the resource usage for better cloud governance. That is what Botmetric Cloud Explorer Relationship View does. Providing a beautiful visualization of your AWS infrastructure. 

If you want to know more about this feature, do drop in a line below, or take a 14-day free trial