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Reserved Instances (RI) have brought in significant opportunities in cost reducing strategies in the AWS ecosystem. AWS started with EC2 Reserved Instance (RI)  and EC2 is the most reserved AWS service. Did you know that apart from EC2 there are other six services that can be reserved in AWS?

Currently Botmetric supports AWS RI for EC2 and RDS under Cost & Governance. A lot of Botmetric customers have been using Elasticache and wanted to seek better recommendations for reservations. As reservations are crucial in cost savings, we as Botmetric wanted to empower our customers with reservation planner for Elasticache.

Botmetric Cost & Governance has now extended its support for Elasticache RI’s. Currently in  Cost & Governance RI tab you can manage, track and regulate your Elasticache RI’s. Elasticache RI under Cost & Governance only supports high utilization RI’s at the moment.

Elasticache RI Dashboard

Elasticache RI has a holistic dashboard that is similar to EC2 and RDS RI, which lists out RI summary and savings recommendations for variant tenure.


Elasticache RI has a holistic dashboard that is similar to EC2 and RDS RI, which lists out RI summary and savings recommendations for variant tenure.

Unused Elasticache RI

Provides a list of reservations which aren’t being used by any running instance, so that you can launch a matching instance class for the reservation.

Plan RI

Provides a list of all the recommended ElastiCache reservations. Botmetric analyzes your ElastiCache on-demand utilization and generates recommendation after matching it with your current set of reservations. You can change the tenure from 1 to 3 year to understand variant savings. You also change the confidence factor to view more differentiated recommendations.

Elastic Cache Plan RI
Existing RI

This is a complete portfolio of your Elasticache RI. It lists all Elasticache RI in your account.
The chief advantage of existing RI portfolio is to identify near-expiry RI and plan for renewal or renew already expired RI.

existing ri

RI Utilization Graph

Here you can identify and understand the performance of Reserved vs On-demand Elasticache RI. You can look at the graph and identify if your On-demand hours are constant , then there is more scope for reservations.

RI Utilization We as Botmetric want to make cost savings in AWS cloud more simpler and better. We have not stopped with EC2, RDS and ElastiCache, we are working on adopting Botmetric Smart Recommendations for Redshift and DynamodB as well. Meanwhile if you wish you perform any kind of cost analysis how much ever detailed, you can achieve this through Custom Reports.

Tarun G

Tarun G

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Tarun G

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