Share Data-Rich AWS Cloud Reports Instantly with Your Team Directly From Botmetric

Once Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” This adage holds so true to find success while managing AWS cloud. For the reason that: to achieve complete AWS cloud management is not a one person’s responsibility, but is a shared responsibility and more so a teamwork. And for the teamwork to reap benefits, all the team members need complete visibility with pertinent data in the form of AWS cloud reports in hand. To cater to this need Botmetric has introduced ‘Share Reports’ feature that allows a Botmetric user to share important AWS cost, security or Ops automation reports with multiple AWS users for better collaboration.

If you’re a Botmetric user, you can now:

  • Share the data-rich reports directly from any Botmetric products, thus saving time and effort
  • Educate both Botmetric and non-Botmetric user(s) within your team about various aspects of your AWS infrastructure
  • Highlight items that may need action by other teammates

Why Botmetric Built Share Reports

Currently, Botmetric offers more than 40 reports and 30 graphs and charts. These reports, charts and graphs help for better cloud governance. More so, these data-rich reports offer a great culmination of insights and help keep you updated on your AWS infrastructure.

Earlier, Botmetric empowered its users (those added to your Botmetric account) to download all these reports. However, at times, it’s likely you’ll need to send perpetual reports to other colleagues too that may not be part of your Botmetric Account.

Thus, continuing our mission to provide complete visibility and control for AWS users and your AWS infrastructure, Botmetric now allows you to email/share those reports directly to non-Botmetric user(s) too. By doing so, Botmetric empowers every custodian for cloud in your organization responsible for cloud with pertinent data, even if they are not Botmetric users.

More so, the new share functionality enables you to share specific reports across Cost & Governance, Security & Compliance, and Ops & Automation to custodians who are not Botmetric users in your organization and wish to discover knowledge on certain AWS cloud items.

The new share reports can be used across Botmetric platform in two specific ways:

1. Share Historical Reports

Share all the AWS cloud reports present under reports library on the Botmetric console to other custodians in the team.

Share all the AWS Cloud reports for better cloud management

2. Export and Share Charts and Graphs as CSV Reports

If you find any crucial information in any of the reports under Botmetric Cost & Governance, Security & Compliance or Ops & Automation, you can share using the ‘Share icon’ to any other custodian who isn’t Botmetric user(s) but responsible for cloud.

Share AWS cloud reports on Cost, Security, Ops with the team using Botmetric

For example, you would want to share the list of ports open to public to the person in your team who is responsible for perimeter security. You can do this from Audit Reports section of Security & Compliance.

The Bottom Line:

AWS has more than 70 resources and each resource has multiple family types. With so many variance in AWS’ services, you surely need either holistic information or a particular information at some point for analysis. With Botmetric reports and the new sharability feature, you and your team can together manage and optimize your AWS cloud with minimal effort.    

If you are a current Botmetric user, then Team Botmetric invites you to try this feature and share your feedback. If you’re yet to try Botmetric and want to explore this feature, then take up a 14 day trial . If you have any questions on AWS cloud management, just drop in a line below in the comment section or give us a shout out at @BotmetricHQ.