Simplify the Cost Incurred By your Enterprise with AWS Cost Savings

Cloud Optimization tools should be capable enough to reduce the spend of your enterprise.  It is a great challenge faced by many enterprises to understand and start working on the initial steps of cloud saving measures in the AWS.

Initiate your cloud cost savings now!

To give you a better understanding on AWS Cost Savings, let’s take  Botmetric Cost & Governance as an example. It helps in easily demonstrating and understanding the cloud cost saving measures.

5 steps to save your cloud spend- ‘The Botmetric way’

Botmetric Cost & Governance progresses through 5 consecutive steps to attain the benefit your enterprise is looking forward to:

  1. Eliminate

    Remove Unused Resources

Unused cloud resource-Botmetric

AWS offers more than 70 services to suit your IT infrastructure. Hence it is crucial for your business to rightsize the resources in an ideal way to optimize cloud spending. Any unused resource can incur money to your enterprise. So it important to eliminate the unused and underutilized resources from instances.

Eliminate Unused Resources

Botmetric’s Save section under Cost & Governance is a comprehensive solution to reduce spend in all possible ways.  

  1. Optimize

Rightsize Your Running Underutilized Resources

Cloud Rightsizing

From 70+ services of AWS like EC2, RDS, EBS with nearly 60 variants, it is always recommended to launch fewer instances at the beginning and scale-up in the future, according to the requirements.

Botmetric right-sizes your environment for AWS EC2, RDS, Redshift, ElastiCache, S3, SimpleDB, DynamoDB, Glacier, and 14 other services so that you don’t miss any possible cost saving opportunity.

Inspect if a particular family or family instance is causing unexpected behavior

AWS is an ever-evolving cloud computing platform. It introduces new EC2 types to suit the market demand. Hence, it is always wise to switch to the latest generation of instances. This will help in yielding a better performance and also in reducing the cost of operation.

Instance Family Optimize

Botmetric customers were able to achieve 39% savings from the Instance Family

Optimize console, which not only helps in reducing the cost of operation but also in providing a better performance of the instance.

  1. Automate

Start/Stop Dev Instances

It is not necessary that you run your workloads on an off-day. Though each running instance is billed by AWS, it is wise to stop dev instances when not required and then start it again when required. Many enterprises shut down their dev instances on Friday, late evening and restart it on Monday, early in the morning.

AWS Create Job

Botmetric automates dev instances by scheduling start/stop option. It also sends execution reports to notify the specific day and time; dev instances where stopped or restarted.

  1. Reserve

Identify Unused RIs within Running Instances and Modify Them

Unused reservations and cost leaks can result in huge and distressing bills from AWS.Putting unused RIs back to work will help save on AWS bill tremendously. Additionally, re-utilization of unused resources by analyzing current workloads is considered to be one of the best practices being followed by enterprises to reduce the spend on AWS.

Unused Reserved Instances - EC2

Go for Reservation

AWS users who seek optimal savings go for Reserved Instances (RIs). It is observed that RIs can help save anywhere from 35 – 75% of your total bill compared to the usual pay-as-you-go model. A well-planned AWS RI plays a significant role in reducing the cloud spend.

EC2 RI Recommendations

Botmetric offers dedicated RI app in Cost & Governance for more focused

reservation planning and management.

  1. Repeat

Manage and keep track of reservations

Most of the enterprises miss out the proper management of the reservations. Many resources may be underutilized/unused over a period of time. Modifying these reservations such that it suits currently available utility must be the way forward. Proper tracking and re-utilization can set you back on track and help save cost.

Existing RI Summary

Botmetric offers a perfect RI portfolio that helps your enterprise to visualize, manage, and govern your reservations in an easy and simple manner.

To Wind-up

Migration of the businesses to cloud computing services has exceptionally increased in the last decade. However, it was observed that the cost incurred by the companies after the cloud adaptation was not less than expected. All these 5 processes have to continuously flow in order to attain the cost-efficiency of AWS cloud environment.