Botmetric Compliance Audit Policies for AWS Cloud Security

Knowing your cloud compliance and security vulnerabilities in real-time is the best way forward to bulletproof your AWS infra as well as for business continuity. It is possible to quickly assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in real time and adopt a comprehensive security management for your cloud with the new Botmetric Security and Governance. And we are super excited to announce the support for compliance audit policies in this application. Using this application, you can optimally improve your AWS cloud security and identify critical vulnerabilities quickly from various perspectives like Data Security, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Performance and Network.

Here’re the new compliance audit policies in Botmetric that can help assuage critical vulnerabilities to ensure complete AWS Cloud Security:

  • Specific audit policies: There are four default audit policies now, which can help you understand the compliance audit from your cloud disaster recovery audit, cloud performance audit and cloud security audit perspective. There is also another default policy that includes all the audit items for a comprehensive assessment of all your AWS cloud.


Specific audit policies for disaster recovery, performance, and security


  • Critical vulnerabilities assessment: You can quickly find your AWS cloud critical vulnerabilities across different compliance policies. This allows you to narrow down the Botmetric identified issues for the data security assessment or network security assessment.


Critical Vulnerabilities Assessment in Botmetric Security & Compliance Solution


  • Support for compliance audit by AWS services: We have included a quick filtering support so that you can find the issues in specific AWS service like EC2 or RDS or VPC without going over the complete list of the audit findings. This will help you save time and focus on what matters the most for your business from security standpoint.


Step-Up Your AWS Cloud Security With New Botmetric Compliance Audit Policies


  • Security audit categories: We have introduced different compliance audit categories like Network Security, Data Security, Server Security and Infrastructure Security of AWS cloud. This allows you to quickly find the relevant security issues for your data or network on AWS cloud without worrying about everything else.


Security audit by network, data, server and infrastructure dimensions in Botmetric Security & Compliance Solution

We hope the new compliance audit policies and improved security assessments in Botmetric further simplifies and helps you resolve the most critical audit vulnerabilities quickly. Please write to us with your feedback on what we can do better and where we can improve it. If you are not using Botmetric already, then signup today for 14-day trial.

Do read the expert blog post by Botmetric Customer Success Manager, Richa Nath, to know what else is new in Botmetric 2.0. Stay tuned with us on  Twitter,  Facebook, and LinkedIn for other interesting news from us!

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